Sunday, September 6, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 30: 15 Mile Bike

Got in a 15 miles on the bike this morning before I had to do some work. I am getting much more comfortable riding in the aero position as I was able to do it for about 1/2 the ride. My overall time was 49 minutes and 42 seconds. That is about an 18 MPH pace which I am happy with since I rode in my neighborhood. My only problem with the Aero position is that my neck gets sore while looking up and that causes me to come out of the position. It does get better each time out but I am beginning to think my helmet is too large because the visor partially blocks my vision - I am sick of spending money on all these accessories but will one more thing really matter?

This weekend I have put my body through a lot of physical abuse and amazingly am still feeling pretty darn fresh. With tomorrow being Labor Day and me having an off day I might try and continue this abuse. DirecTV is supposed to be at the house sometime between 8am-noon to fix my jacked up DVR. I am debating on whether to get up at like 5am and go do a run or wait for them to leave and go to the gym and run on the treadmill. And after the treadmill I will already be warmed up and at the gym so I can do my scheduled P90X Back & Biceps workout. Not sure what to do because it might be real nice to sleep in tomorrow!

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  1. I'm sleeping in bro. I'm usually up at 4am anyway (10pm-Boomer time), so getting up at 6am to workout is going to be refreshing!

  2. Oh yeah, have you seen Tony's new workout for his Lat bar? I saw the commercial this afternnon. He throws in several of the Upper Plus and Ab/Core plus DVD's in there. But the real eye-opener is that he's added 10-lbs of muscle, He's much bigger than we was in the P90X videos.

  3. Jeff... I know what you mean. This sport, at least the bike part of it, is a money pit. If you go all out and compete then it all of it could probably be justified. Good helmets cost a lot. Btw, I am guilty of feeding the obsession. I bought a new helmet just before my first tri.

    Ok, if it is a vote, I say go on your run early in the morning.

    Steve... Did you see TH and his lat bar on an infomercial. I sure would like to see him with 10 more pounds of beef. Maybe I can catch it on YouTube.

  4. was a 30-second commercial, not an infomercial. At first, I didn't realize it was TH. I looked for a link to it on YouTube and on the BeachBody site, but didn't see it.

    I think they're repackaging and remarketing existing products to kick up sales. Maybe its a regional thing. The Southeast US is known for its obese citizenry!