Saturday, September 5, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 29: 7 Mile Run + Chest, Shoulders, & Tricpes + ARX

Annie and I woke up a 5am this morning and hit the road for a 7 mile run in the dark! Annie if following a 1/2 Marathon Training program that was published in last month's Runners World. I have been just doing the long runs that are scheduled for every Saturday with her in addition to my P90X.

It was very humid this morning, even at this early hour, but we both really enjoyed the run. My average HR was only 136 BPM so it was a good aerobic base run for me. Since I am a little bit of a stronger runner than Annie right now she sets the pace. A couple of times I would run up next to her and pick it up some and she would have no problems. We ended up doing the 7 miles in 1:17, which is right at an 11min/mile pace. I am pretty sure I could do about 9:00 -9:30min/mile pace at this distance but the aerobic pace goes along way towards base building so in the long run this is probably better for me anyways!

This afternoon I then went to the Gym to start Week 5 of P90X and began with Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. It has been some time since I have done this workout and quickly remembered why it is not one of my favorites! Some of the moves are just awkward like the the one arm push up, the plyo pushups and the fly push ups. But I was using the bench with dumbbells and just modified to fit what I was doing! Like for the one arm push ups I just did alternating lifts with the dumbbells and tried to mimic the hand angle if the video. Overall I had an okay workout!

After ARX I decided to do some more ab/core work. I did some windshield wipers hanging from the squat rack. They were brutal and I felt vomit in my mouth on rep #3. After that I did 2 sets of hanging leg raises. Then I went to the decline bench and did two sets of sit-ups with a 6 lb medicine ball. After that I went downstairs and used the weighted Ab/Crunch machine and ripped out two more sets. I am going to be sore tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is a bike ride and if feeling strong might get a swim in too! Have some Real Estate stuff to do so it sort of depends on how long that takes.

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  1. Looks like we had the same idea about running early in the morning. Actually, I don't mind running in the dark. You and Annie are going to breeze through the half!

    Good job on doubling up today. CST does have some weird routines. Sometimes I think it is just to showcase some of Tony's "prowess".

    I haven't done windshield wipers for about week and a half. I need to them again. WW and vomiting... you da man! Good drive. In fact, good drive for your entire day!!!

  2. I also found C/S/T to be the toughtest to adapt to the dumbbells, but its do-able.

    For my alternative on the fly pushups, I pressed up and out on the dumbbells to form a "V", then with arms still out, brought the weights together then lowered them. Then, I reversed that...straight up, then wide out and down. It ended up being a burner. I didn't use real heavy weights, but enough to burn up the pecs after 8 to 10 reps.

    Your and Boomer are crushing your ab routines. They sound exhausting!

  3. Boomer - you are right about Tony. I think this is the "look how extreme I am video" ...I am really enjoying the morning runs, I feel so darn good for the rest of the day!

  4. Steve, That is a pretty good way to do the fly pushups - definitely going to try that on Saturday. I just jumped on the fly machine for those yesterday ... really didn't get the burn I was hoping for.

    Tomorrow I am going to do Abs/Core PLUS ... just uploaded it to my iPod. It actually should be easier to do at the gym than doing it at home.