Tuesday, September 8, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 32: 1500 Yard Swim

I got back in the pool today and surprisingly felt quite good! I took it slow and steady and when it was all done I had done over 60 laps. I really focused on bilateral breathing and my overall form. The freestyle swim stroke, at first glance, looks rather uncomplicated. But after closer examination you begin to realize that it is actually very complex and technical. And anytime you do one thing wrong the whole form goes to hell.

Anyways, after I got kicked out of the pool today (I was done but still it is the point) I decided that a new gym was in order. My terms at the current place are month-to-month so I can leave at anytime. They gym is fine but the fact that I pay extra to be able to use the pool and it is ALWAYS being used by outside groups is ridiculous. This month they added another "program" on Tuesday and Thursday nights that leaves Open Swimming from 8:45PM to 10:00PM on those days. Unacceptable. So I drove down to the Ballys that is only about 8 miles from the house. I have never been in this gym but it is huge and has a 25 Meter Lap pool. It even has an indoor running loop. It takes like 12 laps to do a mile but that is pretty cool! The best thing is that I was still able to get month-to-month terms and it is about $25 less than the old place!

With the new membership comes a free personal trainer session. Usually I never take advantage of these since I am pretty motivated. However, since it is free and the guy was pretty cool (and ripped up) I decided to give it a try. We talked for a little bit and decided he can help me with some core work - I mentioned yesterday that ARX has become mundane so this might be a good opportunity to learn something new. This guy was sort of excited because of my current conditioning. I guess most people don't join the gym in good shape. We decided on Saturday to do the training, he thinks he can kick my butt and I told him he better Bring It. Should be fun!

Tomorrow is a 5:00 am run for 45 minutes. Then after work I will get in my Legs & Back workout for the final time at my old gym!

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  1. I haven't been swimming for a while. I bet it felt good getting back in the water. You are so right about the proper freestyle stroke. It is much more complex than it looks.

    Sweet deal on the new gym! I think your trainer will be quite surprised when he tries to "kick your butt". Not only are you an Xer, but a triathlete to boot! It would be interesting if he did the exercises with you.

  2. Yeah, that is a sweet deal on the gym. Plus, you'll have a plethora of equipment from which to choose should you get bored with anything.

    You'll have to remember to down a bottle of NO Xplode before your Saturday session. See how long he lasts. Finish him off with some WW's and then ask that poser why he's even working there! Go Git 'em!!

  3. LOL .. I dont know this guy is pretty ripped up, unlike most personal trainers I have seen lately. One of the girls walking around with a personal trainer shirt on had a nice sized gut and big ass! I wouldn't have trained with her. You know if you are going to chose that as your career at the least practice what you preach.

    I might even take an extra scoop of the NO xplode on Saturday ... he would be freaked out by this lean looking jittery guy...lol

  4. Very funny -- I bet you'll be one showing him some new moves!