Wednesday, September 2, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 26: Shoulders/Arms/Ab Ripper X

It was a struggle to get myself to the gym today. My energy level has been a little low the last few days. Pretty sure it has more to do with lousy sleep and long work days as opposed to my workouts. It sucks when life gets in the way of your workouts!

Anyways, I took some NO Xplode and it gave me the kick in the butt that was needed and my Shoulders and Arms workout went very well today. My arms are sore right now so that must mean it was a solid workout. After ARX I did some hanging leg raises and windshield wipers to add to the pain. Damn windshield wipers are just brutal.

Tomorrow is a cardio day and I might go swim some laps. I have a late afternoon appointment on the other side of town and probably won't be home until 7pm. The pool is available for open swim after 7:30 so that might workout well. I really need to swim more but I have become a little obsessed with improving my running and with the weather cooling off (probably just jinxed us) outdoor running is available to me again. We will see how it goes ...

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  1. I can see how your long hours and travel zaps your energy. Good job on getting your workout done despite the long day.

    I haven't done windshield wipers in a week. Those things are the toughest exercise I have ever done. Can you imagine P90X with those included in ARX! Adam is probably the only one who would be able to do them.

  2. I did WW's on the bench this morning, and Boomer is right...they're the toughest exercise I've done. Adam is probably the only one who could pull those off, next to Tony of course.

  3. Adam would probably be smiling while doing WW....he is disgusting!

    I'd like to watch TH struggle through them!

  4. I guarantee TH would struggle for sure!