Wednesday, September 9, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 33: 40 minute run (4 miles)

Once again Annie and I got up at the crack of dawn to get in our run. We ran for 40 minutes around the neighborhood and ended up stopping right at 4 miles. Overall I really labored today. It was once again incredibly humid but I think my real issue was that I was still feeling the effects of yesterday's 60 laps at the pool. My HR stayed in the mid-140's for most of the run which is usually a very comfortable pace for me, but not so this morning. Running is so unpredictable sometimes.

The funny thing about swimming is that unlike running or lifting your body doesn't feel as beat up immediately afterwards. My guess is because your joints are not banged around like in the other activities. But it might be a more complete full body workout so the next day is when the soreness sets in.

Anyways, this evening I was scheduled to do Legs & Back but was just too tired. I have been doing these double workouts and increasing my running mileage each week and it caught up to me. This week I am going to be doing 19 miles running so I decided to not push it.

So tomorrow I plan on making up the missed L&B workout and running on the treadmill. After work I will just go to the gym and warm up with a quick 3 miler and then get in the L&B. Going to bed right now so I can be recharged.

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  1. Running is definitely hard on the body. I have a friend who has been running marathon for over 20 years. When he reach 50 he told me he was hanging it up because it has taken its toll on his body. So why the heck am I running now! I must be retarded.

    Going for 19 miles this... super! My body feels the increased mileage. I really should take a week off of strength training to recover a bit.

    You and Steve are awesome! Keep up the great work. It keeps me motivated.