Saturday, September 12, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 36: 8 Mile Run + Core + Shoulders/Chest

Well, it has been another good fitness day for Jeff!

Annie and I got up early (despite hitting the snooze button 5 times) and logged 8 miles. We had absolutely gorgeous running weather: overcast, light rain, and wind! It was still warm but the wind and rain were awesome. It was all Wee-weed up outside this morning!!!

We finished our run in 1hr and 24 minutes for a pace of around 10:30/mile. According to our 1/2 Marathon Plan our pace today was supposed to be conversational and it was. According to my Garmin 305 my total calorie burn was 1002 and my average HR was 147. Both very strong numbers.

Now today was also my free day with the Personal Trainer. I have never used a PT at a gym before and really had no idea what to expect. When I showed he said lets go get warmed up and I told him I just ran 8 miles and was already warmed up. He stopped and did a double take and looked at me like I was crazy - he may quite possibly be right!

He wanted to get a feel for my conditioning so he had me jump on a stationary bike with a built in HRM. He said I would get a good sweat. He turned the tension way up and had me stand up like I was riding hills. Not much of a sweat occurred and I could see in his eyes that he was excited and was going to try and trash me! Well, he did a very good job of it. We spent the next hour just destroying my core and also working in some push-ups and pull-ups as well. I was able to handle it all but will admit he had a nice repertoire of core ripping moves. I was soaking wet with sweat after the hour but still felt surprisingly good. It was definitely more intense than ARX or Abs/Core plus but it was also an hour long. And Steve, he was well aware of Windshield Wipers so we did a few each! When I asked him about them he got a huge smile!

After we were all done he admitted he was impressed and that I was an extremely well conditioned athlete (his words, not mine) and he had a great time beating me up. I felt good about his comments because this guy looks like Adam from the ARX videos - you know the guy in the back with like 1% body fat?

Anyways, I looked into the cost of a few more sessions (more out of morbid curiosity than anything else) and it was WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. If I was the Jeff from a year ago before I found P90X it would probably be worth it for the structure and encouragement. But I have a pretty solid plan already and have very little difficulty with motivation so it probably isn't for me and I could sense he was thinking the same thing, probably

Tomorrow is going to be an early morning bike ride before all the glorious NFL games begin! I have the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package and plan on digging in on the couch right in front of the TV for like 10 hours - I am downright giddy for tomorrow!

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  1. First of all, great run! Nice numbers for sure. Props go to Annie too.

    I loved reading about your session with the PT. I would have loved to have seen his face when you told him you just came off an 8 mile run. LOL! Yes, at this point you are not only in shape, you are definitely an "extremely well conditioned athlete". Heck, you are a "triathlete"! I think its great how you have taken P90X to the next level. Just think, P90X is just a base level for us now. I am sure you can remember those first weeks when it was way more challenging. Well, at least you got a great core workout.

    Man, DirecTV... that is cool. All the games at your disposal!!!

  2. Jeff:

    That was excellent reading! First off, getting in an eight mile run, THEN doing your PT session is fantastic. Wow. That says a lot about where you're at.

    Boomer is right when he says that P90X is now a base level. Think of it. Not that the X isn't challenging, but what that did to kick-start our fitness is matchless. Your PT probably knew he didn't have a client because your enthusiasm and drive is most of what he provides. I'd love to know what he did to your core...c'mon Jeff! Tell us!!

    Enjoy your DirecTV package. I look forward to my Detroit Lions trying to avoid another 0-16. But, I'm a fan. And they're my team.

  3. Jeff, this was a very motivating post! I shared it with my wife she liked it. She can't wait to get into shape after the new baby is here. Man I need some motivation. My workouts have slowed down. I need to get back on track. Keep it up, such a great example of perserverance

  4. Boomer and Steve -- it is fun to look back at some of my first posts on this blog and see how hard the P90X workouts were. P90X is a great program and none of us would be where we are now without it! However, this jeff could run aerobic circles around that jeff!

    Steve, i will post up the core workout from the PT tomorrow. I am just too beat down right now.

  5. Chuck - glad you are back at it. Just start doing something and tell yourself you are going to do it for 5 minutes, and then 5 minutes and then 5 more minutes ... before you know it a nice workout was had! Happy that my post motivated you and your wife -- that has just motivated me to do more!