Saturday, March 21, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 61: Legs, Back, and ARX

Yesterday was my Legs and Back day and I did just okay. I wanted to do it earlier in the day but my wife wanted to do the workout with me. She got stuck in the infamous Houston traffic on the way home and we didn't finish up until about 8pm. We had dinner plans with some friends so we hustled up to get to the restaurant and ended up sitting at the bar waiting over an hour for a table. So, I had a couple of beers and some banana chips while we waited because I famished!

Anyways, I didn't have my normal level of intensity for this workout. Probably partly because it was the end of a long week and partly because I ran out of my preworkout tablets and forgot to buy some more. Still I pushed through the workout and got the work in. Just pushing play is half the battle!

Annie did very good with ARX today she made it through the first 8 moves before she had to pause. I found that to be very good considering this is only her 2nd week! I struggled some with ARX -- the oblique raises just shredded me and I am not sure why. I do okay on my left side but the right side ones are killer for me?

Today is Kenpo X, which I plan on doing it in an hour or so!

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  1. I had a great Legs/Back, and for the 2nd ARX in a row, I held my hands up for the In & Outs and the Bicycles. What a difference that made! My upper abs almost cramped on me. I still can't hold my balance for the crunchy frogs, but I can do Bicycles with hands in the air. Go figure.

    Yoga was awesome this morning as my legs were still toasty from L&B yesterday. Those Warrior III's to Half Moons used to scare me; now I look forward to the challenge.

    Sounds like Annie is going to adapt to the program quite nicely.

  2. Steve ... good to hear you are doing well with ARX. It is amazing how a little thing like raising your arms in the air can make the the bicycles and in&outs so much more difficult. I am on my 152 day of P90X and still lose my balance on the damn crunchy frogs. It seems to happen when I speed up and try to push a faster. The key to those things are to just stay slow and follow Tony for pacing. And you will probably still fall over.. .lol

    Annie is doing well ... she told me her legs were killing her this morning so I guess that means she is doing it right!