Saturday, March 7, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 48: Kenpo X and ARX

Today was the big group workout at I logged in with everyone else around 11am and put in a good Kenpo X and ARX workout. It looked like they had 950 + people logged in at the same time. And Tony Horton was on as one of your workout buddies. The only problem was I got kicked off three different times. I had the laptop sitting by the TV and I'd look up and would no longer be online? I think BeachBodies may want to look into getting some more bandwidth next time they try something like this!!

Anyways, I had another really good nutrition day. My ratios were right on and I got all my carbs in early in the day - which I like to d0! I left my HRM on for both Kenpo and ARX and burned 455 calories total. I love working out in the morning. I need to do it more often! I decided to do ARX again today because my energy level was great at the end of Kenpo and tomorrow is my rest day with the recovery week 8 coming up.

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  1. I did not make the wowy workout. I decided that I would enjoy my Saturday and sleep in. I did wake up at 7am (Hawaii time) which was an hour too late.

    Kenpo and ARX... that's great!

    I decided to try out Kenpo Cardio Plus today. I enjoyed it. It was nice to do something a bit different.

    Project Exercise

  2. I admire you for going "outside the box" with ARX and other programs. I might have to go with your nutrition and supplements as it looks like you're more than happy with the results and energy you're getting.

    I did my Saturday routine of Yoga X on yesterday afternoon. I wasn't home for WOWY, but it sounds like a huge success.

    My baseball team has their first practice today, so my off-day will be spent fielding grounders, snagging erratic throws from weak-armed catchers, and seeing live pitching for the first time in six months. I get to put all those Plyo X moves to the! Yeah baby!

  3. Boomer,

    I just checked out you Kenpo Cardio Plus post. Sounds like you and I feel the same way about it!

  4. Steve,

    Good luck with the baseball today. Hopefully, by doing the X it will help you on the diamond!

    I highly recommend the Nitrix and Cell Mass. Since I didn't use them my first round of the X, I can honestly say they hae made a huge difference this round. I am just about out of the pre-workout pills i have been taking and plan on buying some of the N.O. Explode from BSN.