Saturday, March 28, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 68: Legs, Back and ARX

Last night I did Legs, Back and ARX. I was out on the road all day and got home around 6pm. I had some phone calls to return and some work to finish up so I didn't start the workout until 8PM. That means I didn't eat diner until 9:30PM. I have a rule and that is do not eat for 3 hours before you go to sleep! So, I was up until about 1AM last night. I know this sounds stupid but I am a firm believer that eating before bed time leads to gaining weight. Since I started P90X I have tried to follow this rule and it has been pretty good for me!

The workout was great yesterday. This is the first time to do Legs and Back while taking the pre-workout supplement NO Xplode and I could feel the difference in my performance. I was exploding out of my lunges and squats, with more energy than is normally present on a Friday night! And I did a record 176 pullups as well. I did 32 reps on the first wide grip pullups! I am loving the NO Xplode -- I just wish it wore off a little quicker after the workouts because I am not falling asleep as easy as I am used to!

Saturday is my scheduled Kenpo X day. Annie had to work early today and then we are going to a birthday party this afternoon so she isn't going to have a chance to do Kenpo today. So, I am going to go do a 5k run today just to see if I can and to get a barometer of my conditioning. We will do Kenpo tomorrow instead and then I will start week 11 on Monday as planned!

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  1. I'm still feeling my Legs and Back from yesterday. It's the only workout that doesn't care how much warm up I do, it still thrashes me and I'm sore the next day.

    With only one dedicated leg workout in the series, I originally thought the legs would take a backseat to the glamour muscles. I was so wrong. My legs are getting bigger due to the Yoga, Plyo X, Core Syn, Kenpo,...and the Legs and Back. Even my dinky calves are cut.

  2. Steve, You are so right about this workout. I woke up this morning and my legs felt tired. Annie said the same thing. I feel great doing it but the next day is always rough. And my legs are extremely cut up right now. I wish I would have taken before pictures of just my legs. I have definition everywhere, even on my shins! Tony Horton pretty much works in the legs somehow in every signle DVD and you dont even realize it is happening.

  3. Jeff, you are the pull-up king! That is outstanding. Man, Tony Horton's got nothing on you.

    I bought some NO Xplode and Cellmass. I will be taking it for my next round. I am really going to need it while working in the triathlon training.

    Good luck on your 5K run. I know you will do well. Btw, when you have time check out the Garmin 305 next time you cruise the web. I got one last week and it is perfect for triathlon training.

    Project Exercise

  4. Boomer -- just found the Garmin 305 online. That is perfect for what we are doing! You used it on your bike too right?