Monday, March 2, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 43: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and ARX

Looking at this image you are probably thinking I am going to ramble on about the decline of the Stock Market. However, this image represents how I CRASHED today. A different image would have to be used for the market because this one actually shows an increase before the decline!! I woke up around 7am today and had zero energy. I mean my motor skills were off. I felt like I'd been through a 12-round boxing match. This was the inevitable BONK that I knew was coming!

So, for breakfast I had a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter. Literally, halfway through the bagel I started to feel better. By the time I was done with it I felt normal. For a midday snack I had a Balance Bar instead of a Pure Protein Bar. Lunch was a salad with chicken. My energy level dropped a little again and for a snack I had another Balance Bar and immediately felt better!

The cool thing is that I did the high protein/low carb thing for 7 days and in that time I dropped 5 lbs. From 164, down to 159. And it looks like I lost most of it in my belly, which was the goal! As G.W. Bush would say - Mission Accomplished!

Today's workout was very solid for me. If you had been reading, myself and fellow P90Xer Steve decided to trying the Pike's Presses with our feet on a chair instead of on the floor. And it really made the exercise much harder, but in a good way. From now on I will use the chair! Even though it makes me fear that I will slip and smash my face. I got through the workout with quite a bit of energy but lost some steam on ARX. Probably because of the no carb crash I was experiencing. On the oblique raises I had to pause 2 times on each side. I made it through the leg grabs and then took about a 2-minute break before I started Mason Twists, which I got through all 50 of!

Now that the BONK happened I am going to go back to the balanced 40/40/20 plan and finish out the next 47 days this way. And I am really going to enjoy eating good. healthy complex carbs again!

Tomorrow is Plyometrics!

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  1. Jeff, you went pretty far on your low carb plan! Further, you got awesome results!!! Way to go!

    Project Exercise

  2. Jeff:

    I admire your ability to plow through the bonk. This mornings Plyo X was rough for me, for probably the same reasons. I've cut back on my carbs of late and for the first time, I was seeing stars half-way through the workout! But I stuck with it, even though I had to fast-forward through the "sports bonus" due to time constraints. And oh yeah, I shredded one more pound...down to 163 now!

    Anyway, about the Pike Press...this move is a killer, plain and simple. It's similar to slapping 135lbs (or more, depending on body weight!) on a bar and doing military presses without a warmup.

    Like you, I thought I was going to roll over my push-up bars. I think this move will take practice. I was able to do 5 with good form, but after that, it was a serious struggle. Thankfully, Carl "Serious-face" lawyer-boy keeps going on the DVD, which gives us more time to gather ourselves and crank one or two more.

    I'm going to appreciate the recovery week next week, I can tell already! I'm glad I extended my workout one more week.

    Keep bringin' it!


  3. Thanks Guys, It is amazing how when you remove all the garbage from your body you can control it! I feel like I can add/lose 5 lbs anytime I want now. And can also control my energy levels. This is just an awsome side-effect/bonus of clean eating.

    Steve, Serious Face Carl does give you the extra couple of seconds to get a few reps in. For some reason that guy cracks me up. He would be an intimidating dude in a trial!