Monday, March 30, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 71: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and ARX

Good day everyone! Sorry for the late post but I had my fantasy baseball draft tonight - yes I am a geek and completely comfortable with it!

Today was Chest, Shoulders and Triceps -- I freaking love this workout. My arms always feel like a couple of pieces of spaghetti when I am done. Oh, and Steve, I did 15 reps on the Pike's Peaks today and damn near collapsed on my head on the last rep! I took the NO Xplode about an hour before my workout and I was still buzzing hard when it came time to workout. This stuff in conjunction with the Nitrix and Cell Mass is just giving me awesome results. The creators (BSN Labs) of the supplements recommend doing 12 weeks on and 4 weeks off so I only got about 12 days left and I am interested to see how I feel off the supps!

I cranked out another solid nutrition day. My total cals were right around 2400 and my ratio was about 50% Carbs/30% Protein/20% Fat.

Something else I realized/admitted today: My body is REALLY beat up. I am sore everywhere. My left shoulder is a mess, my legs and feet are aching, my right shoulder seems to have a nerve pinched or something, my butt hurts, my left wrist has some tendinitis going on ...etc, etc, etc! And yet I can't get enough of this abuse P90X is putting me through ... very weird!

I am going to take full advantage of the couple of weeks off between the end of P90X and the Triathlon training program !

Tomorrow is Plyo again!

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  1. After a couple rounds of P90X feeling beat up is understandable. You are going to love your recovery week.

    Are you going to cycle the BSN products while you do your triathlon training?

    I bought NOXplode, Cellmass and Nitrix. I was going to start using it when I start round 2. I think the NOXplode will help with the extra triathlon workouts. I am not sure about using the Nitrix because it seems I have to schedule my eating very tightly with the Nitrix schedule and I am not sure I can time everything correctly.

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    Dude, that's awesome! That'll be tough to beat! You have jacked the bar above the rim, my friend! I might have to try this No Xplode after all. My local GNC says I can buy it, and even if there's one teaspoon left at the bottom, I can return it for a full refund if I'm not fully satisfied.

    They do offer a pre-mixed, by-the-bottle version of No-Xplode (can't remember the name), but for $3.50 a bottle, I can try it and toss it if I don't like it. I do have hypothyroidism, and I noticed on the label that people with thyroid disease should avoid No Xplode.

    My body is beginning to feel worn down as well, in a good way of course. I'm not injured, but I'm waking up each morning feeling like I could have slept another three hours. That's new for me. But, with only three weeks left, I'm plugging away and leaving it all on the floor.

  3. Sounds like the BSN supplements have worked for you. I think I'll add some supplements after my first round of P90X. I've been researching creatine/Cell Mass and have been hesitant to use it on this go around since it may add some water weight.

    @Boxcarvibe thanks for the tip on the premixed NO-xplode. All I typically need to get jacked up for a work-out is a tall cup of black coffee, but for $3.50 I might be interested in giving it a try.

  4. Boomer, I will probably start another cycle when I begin the tri training. It is approx a 12 week training programso it will workout perfect for me!

    As for the Nitrix and taking it on an empty stomache - I usually take it as soon as I wake up, around 2pm, and then right before bed. This seems to work pretty well and the only time it interfers with my eating is in the middle of the day. I honestly beleive the Nitrix is the best product out of the three -- I can literally feel my veins when I workout!

  5. Steve -- You should probably consult the doc before you try it just to be safe man! But it really gives me the extra umph that is sometimes missing after a long day of work!

    I have been struggling to get out of bed lately also. I never have been much of snooze button guy, but the last few weeks I have been hitting it 2 or 3 times a morning?

  6. Mark, The creatine does intially add some water mass to you, but the retention of the water really helps with recovery time so it just matters what is more important to you. After my body became accustomed to it I was still shedding weight and got the added benefit of recover.