Sunday, March 1, 2009

P90X Mailbag

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Okay, here is a question I get over and over again:

Q: I am starting P90X but I don't know if I can stick to the nutrition plan ... How important is the nutrition plan?

A: The simple answer is VERY IMPORTANT. According to the P90X Fitness and Nutrition Guides your diet is just as important as doing the workouts. If you want to "Get Ripped in 90 Days!" than you need to follow the program as close as humanly possible. You may play around with the calories or ratios and this is fine, but you have to eat as clean as possible.

I will be the first to admit that when I first started reading the nutrition guide it was overwhelming. I always was someone who just ate whatever I wanted, when ever I wanted. I don't even think I really understood what the effects of proteins, carbs and fats had on your body and never really cared. So, this was like learning a whole new language. The funny thing is that once you start it becomes easy. I no longer consider how I eat now as "A Diet", it is pretty much just how I eat.

Really the bottom line is that in order to do P90X and get the results you see in the infomercials you need to commit yourself 100% to the program. This means both the workouts and nutrition. If you only "sorta" commit, then you are not going to finish the program. Suck it up and follow the nutrition guide.

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  1. Great post, Jeff! P90X is 70% nutritional commitment!

    Project Exercise

  2. Jeff:

    I second this motion. Nutrition is everything with this program.

    BTW, I did eight (8) Pike Presses with feet on a chair...with a mid-set break at #6. #8 was all I could do.

    For what its worth... Since it was snowing here in Atlanta yesterday, I spent some time researching other workout moves, and I saw a similar move to the pike press. Instead of having feet on the chair with the butt in the air, the guy had his knees on the chair, feet against the back of the chair...and his move was almost straight up and down, like a traditional military press. I have a weight bench instead of a chair, but I might try that move on my own to see if it hits the delts any better than Tony's move.

    Anywho, last week of Phase 2 before recovery week and I'm all gassed up to bring it!

  3. Thanks Boomer!

    I wrote that after spending about 12 hours in front of the computer yesterday doing work. By the time I posted that my brain was mush and I wasn't sure if it made sense!

  4. Steve, I am getting ready to go in about 5 mins! 8 sounds like a good goal ... that is what
    I am going to try and do!

    I can't beleive the weather you and the rest of the east is getting. The ATL should be shorts and Tee weather by now.

    We even got down to 32 degrees last night! Screw Al Gore and his global warming!