Sunday, March 29, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 70: Rest Day

Okay, so I didn't skip the rest day for Kenpo. My legs were sore as hell after my 5K run yesterday so the rest day was a much welcomed event!

Tomorrow is Chest, Triceps, and Shoulder. I am excited to be doing this and Back and Biceps again. Those are two of the best resistance workouts of P90X and I am really looking forward to finishing up the next two weeks strong.

Quite exciting today ... I found a Schwinn Road Bike! Unfortunately, we were in my car instead of the wife's SUV and had no way to get it home. Gonna have to pick it up tomorrow or Tuesday. I also ordered a bike computer (made by Schwinn) on Amazon. It will tell me speed, pace, distance, cals burned .... and a bunch of other stuff. It was only $15 including shipping - could not believe how cheap it was? I have also been trying to find a lap pool to do my training. My neighborhood has a community pool that is fairly large but it isn't opened full time until the first week of June. So for the first month of training I am going to have to use one of the local gyms or YMCA. I called a couple of gyms this weekend and I was told I needed to speak to the "memberships dept" on Monday -- this is why I hate gyms -- they make it damn near impossible to just have an enjoyable experience without signing over a limb to use the facilities! I had to bargain with the girl on the phone for 5 minutes before she would tell me it costs $15 to use the pool.

Anyways, be back tomorrow evening!



  1. I am excited about your bike and computer! You are going to have a lot fun with your workouts. It will make your P90X workouts much more interesting. After a couple rounds, it should be a nice change.

    I see you are making your swimming arrangements. You are going to be totally ready for your triathlon. I really wish mine was in August. I feel like I am rushing it.

    Man, this triathlon thing is very addicting! I went to our local triathlon store and bought triathlon shorts (they are a bit different than bike shorts) so I could train in them. Can you say, "big bucks"?

    Project Exercise

  2. Glad you bought a bike computer with a pace indicator, that feature has really helped me get the most out of every ride. If the bike didn't come with clipless pedals, get those next. They make a huge difference in the amount of power you can put into each pedal. Takes a little practice getting used to getting in and out of the pedals.

    My cross bike is in the shop now, but with all this blogging about bikes, I can't wait to get back on the saddle.

  3. As a former avid road cyclist, I'd suggest you go for the clipless pedals and shoes. At the transition, you simply slide out of your pedals, into your running shoes, and take off. Plus, your legs will be working more efficiently and balanced as you pull/push the pedals.

    I did the Chest/Back this morning and was so pumped afterwards, I could hardly shampoo my hair as I got ready for work. THREE MORE WEEKS! I'll be done April 19th, and my 18th wedding anniversary is April 20th! Yeah baby!

  4. Hey, both Mark and I were writing the same thing at the same time!

    To piggyback his statement, clipless pedals make a HUGE difference. I had Shimano shoes and Time pedals, can't remember the exact models its been so long.

    I remember the first time on my bike, learning to use how to use them. I fell down at a stop sign trying to get out of them to make a left turn. The car behind was being driven by an absolutely gorgeous blonde, who popped her head out of her sunroof to check on me. Had I not been happily married...well, uh, nevermind. :)

  5. Boomer - This stuff is not cheap After my run the other day my feet were killing me so I went and got a new pair of running shoes too! It told my wife that in the long run we are saving money because we hardly ever eat out anymore. We used to eat out 3 to 4 nights a week and now we go maybe once every two weeks!

    You'll be ready for June! Hell, you already did the brick. Now just add in the swim and you are there! P90X is a great fitness program and i really think it gets you to the level needed to tackle a Tri!

  6. Mark and Steve,

    I've read on other sites about the clipless pedals. The bike I got comes with pedals with baskets on them to hold my feet in place. I was thinking this would be fine but if you guys seem to think the clipless are better I might have to reconsider. How hard is it pull your feet from the pedals if you need to stop or begin to fall?

  7. Steve ... that is a hysterical story. you probably felt pretty cool after that!

  8. Jeff:

    That little incident that led me to discover my pedal clips weren't adjusted correctly. After getting properly fit by my bike shop though, all I had to do was pivot my heel outwards, and I was free. Lesson learned.

    Once you get the hang of it, clips are easier to get out of than pedal straps. The energy transfer is much more efficient in clips too and your legs won't be as fatigued.

  9. Jeff... I put clipless pedals on my bike a couple weeks ago and I found that getting into them is harder than getting out of them. So far I haven't fallen getting out, but my cyclist friends tell me that it is just a matter of time! Btw, I logged my first swim today... can you spell S-L-O-W!

  10. Time doesnt matter Boomer! Just getting through it is a heck of an accomplishment.