Tuesday, March 3, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 44: Interval X

Today is Day 2 of Week 7 and Plyometrics is the regularly scheduled program. But since fellow blogger/P90Xer Boomer wrote a few posts about Intervals this week he got me all pumped up to do it again!

Now for those of you flipping through your P90X DVD collection and thinking where the heck is Intervals?? ... it is part of P90X PLUS + series! Intervals is only 42 minutes long but, in my opinion, it is the most intense cardio workout in the entire P90X and P90X PLUS series. Yes, it is more intense than Plyo. I burned a total of 552 calories tonight. I usually have trouble burning over 400 calories now that I am in my second round. Kenpo is usually around 300, Yoga 250-300, Cardio X 350ish, and Plyo is usually in the 425 to 450 range. That should give you an idea of how much fun Intervals is!

Today was a decent day again nutrition-wise. I had the usual whey protein shake and whole wheat bagel for lunch. A balance bar for a snack. Lunch was a turkey sub on whole wheat from Subway. I had a Pure Protein Bar for the afternoon snack with an Atkins Protein Drink. Then dinner was a grilled chicken breast salad with fat free ranch with some extra veggies thrown in and 8 apple slices for dessert.

Now to update my supplements: I am still going strong with the Cell Mass and Nitrix supplements. I have nothing but praise for both of these products. My recovery time is actually quite remarkable and my intensity during the workouts is better than ever. The "pump" that the Nitrix gives me is just what is needed somedays. I have veins just popping out of my forearms, biceps and chest like I have never had before. The amazing thing to me is that I have been doing this stack for about 6 weeks now and I haven't felt a drop-off at all! At this point I will give them both an A+!

Just a reminder --- On Saturday, March 7th, BeachBodies is trying to set a record for most people working out at one time. If you want to join in the workouts are scheduled for 11am EST/10am CST. Go to http://www.wowy.com/ to sign yourself up! If you want to invite me to join you my username is: JIRV, send me an invite! Hope to see you all there!!

Tomorrow is the Back & Biceps & ARX. If I have the energy I might do the Abs/Core Plus exercise also. My goal when I initially started the second round of P90X was to bulk up to about 170lbs and gain muscle in my chest and shoulders. Well, I am sitting at 159 lbs (started at 164 lbs), but I am extremely happy with my results in my chest and shoulders. I feel absolutely great so maybe this is the weight I am supposed to be? Tony always says, "Listen to your body!" and my body is saying this is where I should be. So, my new goal for the next 46 days is to work on my lower abs. My upper abs are very solid now but the lower abs could be tightened up some. To do this I am going to incorporate Core Synergistics and Abs/Core Plus into my routine by adding some more double days. Should be another fun experiment!

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  1. Jeff, I was actually inspired to do Inteval X Plus from one of your posts. I think it was shortly after I found your site.

    At any rate, I love the Interval X workout!

    Btw, how do you rate ab/core plus. I have yet to view the video.

    Project Exercise

  2. What Boomer said....I'm interested in trying Interval X because of what you said in one of your posts. I'm sticking with the program my first time through, but will shake things up a bit when I do round 2.

    Are you familiar with the Tabata Protocol? It's something I might incorporate into my post-P90X workout routine. It's interval training, but if Interval X is better and you're burning 500 calories, I may go that route.

    Back and Bicep was glorious this morning. I left it all on the workout floor and could hardly complete the Strip Set Curls at the end. My arms are still pulsing as I write, and its been two hours since I finished! I have a Keys Cable Gym, and I tried the Corn Cobs using this machine. Similar to using the bands, but with cables, a weight stack and sitting on the floor, my arms and lats felt it big time. I used it again during the "choose your favorite pull-up" routine. It absolutely isolates the upper back and arms.

    Have a great day and keep bringin' it! You're inspiring me!


  3. Nice post. If you really want to build your chest, you need to do Bench Press and Incline Press. The Pushups are great, but you can't really expect to "build" your chest when you're doing 30+ reps on every set. I had chest issues in the past, but lifting heavy on the various bench presses made all the difference in the world. I add and extra chest day at the gym on Yoga X day once a week. P90X is great in every other aspect. May you can wrap a resistance band around your back when doing pushups.

    Keep Bringing it!

  4. Boomer, The Abs/Core plus is different. I personally think it is a better overall core workout, closer to Core Syn than ARX.

    It has a lot of moves where you hang from your pullup bar -- which is cool, but some of the moves are very complex and take awhile to get used to. Give it a try.

  5. Steve,

    Never heard of Tabata Protocol? i'll have to google it when I am done here.

    Sounds like you had another good B&B this morning. Keep it up -- you are doing awesome!

  6. Anony-- You are right about the push-ups. It may be time to start to hit the gym a couple of times aweek again.

  7. Jeff:

    I found out about the Tabata Protocol while researching Interval X. As Glen Beck says, "Here's what I know..."

    Tabata Protocol: Doing a high intensity exercise (ex: jump rope) for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Then, completing another high intensity exercise (plyo pushups) for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Keep up the sequence for only 4 minutes.

    From what I've read, the caloric burn and the aerobic effects, not to mention the anaerobic effects, lasts for hours. It's high intensity...and a fat-burning, calorie burning, lung blasting exercise...that lasts for 4 minutes. Total body movements, or as much synergy as possible, is the most effective from what I've read.

    I may do this during my last few weeks of P90X, every other day, just to get as much fat off my bones as possible:

    Set 1: X-jacks
    Set 2: Mary Katherines
    Set 3: Squat to shoulder press w/25-lb dumbells
    Set 4: Pull-ups
    Repeat sequence...adds up to 4 minutes.

    Anyway, if Interval X is better, I'll do that. But this Tabata stuff is intriguing to me. Anyway...that's what I've learned so far. Tabata's are used in track, football, soccer...and can be done with any number of exercises...just follow the 20sec/10sec sequence.

  8. Sounds a lot like Intervals actually! Low intensity to high intensity...repeat.

    I do like that weights are used. All you need for intervals is a water bottle and towel.