Tuesday, March 10, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 51: Core Synergistics

Nutrition was solid today: Whey protein shake with fat-free organic milk and a whole wheat bagel with a teaspoon of peanut butter on it, a balance bar, turkey sandwich on whole wheat with a handful of nuts, Pure Protein bar and Atkins protein drink, grilled chicken and veggies with whole wheat shells and an apple!

Core Syn is one of my favorite workouts. I know I did a good job when hours later my entire mid-sections feels tight and today it feels tight!

My energy was real low when I got home from work today and I really did not feel like working out. I usually look forward to my workouts but today was a little different. I didn't sleep well last night and was worn out from driving all over the place today. But, I gave myself a quick pep talk and just pushed play! And actually by the time I was done with the warm-ups my energy was back and I was able to really Bring It! You know, it really is a good feeling to know that I got my work in today whenever every part of me was saying to take a day off!

Tomorrow is my Recovery Week Kenpo Day and I might do the Kenpo Cardio Plus video just to mix things up a little!

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  1. Your nutrition plan today sounds excellent. I may do something similar tomorrow. I haven't used any peanut butter since I started P90X, but I sure would like a teaspoon full on a whole wheat bagel!

    Yeah, core syn is one of my favorites too. Good job on getting your workout done despite the initial low energy.

    Btw, Cellmass and Nitrix was 20% percent off today at my local gym so I picked them up. I will save it for round 2.

    Project Exercise

  2. My diet was so-so. I had a great Core Syn, but core felt "loose" all day, not tight. Then, my annual odometer rolled over to 48 years old yesterday, so that means I had a (small) slice of Angel Food birthday cake, whipped cream and strawberries. My 12-year old daughter made it for me...and since she has me wrapped around her finger, I could not refuse her treat.

    I more than made up for it with this mornings Kenpo. I rocked. I did double-time X-Jacks while during the breaks and was sweating like crazy at the end.

    BTW, every time I've felt like taking off a day, or "phoning one in" as they say, I simply tell myself to "just show up and do it." . The mental side of all this is just as tough as they physical, and using as many mind-tricks as possible is essential to overall success. At least, that works for me.