Thursday, March 26, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 67: Yoga X

I am in the middle of doing taxes (ahem) so this is going to be a short post.

I did Yoga this afternoon and did a pretty good job on it! I burned 310 calories and I feel great right now. I was a little antsy for the first 40 minutes during the poses but still maintained most of my focus. Yoga Belly Seven was its always tough self. I skipped the corpse poses at the end.

Nutrition was spot on again today. One thing to report: My protein bars that I made a couple of days ago were a little disappointing. They taste great but are soft. As in they are more like a dessert than a bar. So, when I am home and have a fork and plate I am eating them but they will not work for me when I'm on the road. Gonna have to find a recipe that allows for baking!

Tomorrow is Leg & Back!

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  1. I gotta do my taxes too! I always say I am going to get them done by the end of January and then I always find myself doing them at the end of March!

    Yeah, corpse poses are not my thing either.

    Thanks for the update on the protein bars. I know of a couple of recipes. I will look for them and let you know.

    Project Exercise

  2. My wife came home from our local warehouse club, and said they have stopped carrying cases of Balance bars. Instead, they're carrying "Zone" bars, or something like that. Have you heard of them?

  3. I've seen the Zone bars but have never really gave them a look?

    I love the Balance Bars -- the cookie dough one is awesome! That sucks you can't get it anymore.

  4. Boomer,

    Taxes are just awful. A buddy and I share ownership of a real estate company so we have to take our stuff to an accountant because of we are an LLC but file as an S-corp.. We keep all of our finances on QuickBooks so I had to sit down yesterday and reconcile like hell. I worked at it for about 10 hours. But it is done and I can now rest!