Thursday, March 5, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 46: Yoga X and Abs/Core Plus

Wow ... I am sitting here an hour after my workouts and am completely wasted! My back is tired, my shoulders are tired, and my entire core is just wrecked.

Today was the best Yoga workout I have ever had! My focus was tight and my normal lack of patience was not present! My form was right on with the Warrior poses. I struggled some when I got to the triangles, as I usually do, but it was more of a wobble than my normal slip! Also I did really good with the Balance poses - Tree was even fun! I got through the entire segment with only a couple of slip-ups and I did the Crane for the entire 60 seconds -- I didn't have both feet off the ground for 60 secs but I did the pose while tapping alternating feet for the full 60! I did have both feet up for about 15 seconds which is also a record for me. Yoga Belly 7 was its normal brutal self today. The scissors were probably the hardest move for me but I got through it. I wore my HRM for Yoga again today and burned 295 calories.

After Yoga was done I put in the Abs/Core Plus video from the P90X Plus series. This workout is 20 minutes long and the rep sequences is: Bar, Standing, Mat .... repeat. Most of the standing moves you use dumbbells for added resistance which is cool. Overall this is a solid workout, lots of twisting, lots of moving. The moves hanging from the bar are really intense but hurt my shoulder some. The workout is more like Core Synergistics than Ab Ripper X and I do believe that Ab Ripper X is a superior Ab workout. However, my core got a great workout today by combining ACP with Yoga. I didn't really like ACP when I was doing it as the stand alone Ab workout of the PLUS series but mixing it in with Ab Ripper X makes it a very beneficial workout. Especially since achieving muscle confusion is one of the core principle of P90X!

I am ready to get some sleep so I am not going to talk too much about eating today. I was right on with my calories and ratios so pretty much the same old, same old!

Tomorrow is Legs & Back!

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  1. Great job on yoga! I hate yoga, but I am doing it nonetheless... at least for round 1.

    Thanks for the "low down" on Abs/Core Plus. Would you recommend working it in as a substitute for one of the ARX's during the week. For instance, 2ea ARX and 1ea Abs Core Plus per week or should one do 3 ARX's per week and just add abs core as a sort of 4th ab workout.

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  2. You're an animal. Doing ACP after Yoga sounds intense...I can only imagine doing that. However, I'm taking that as a challenge my next time around to incorporate that into my routines.

    As for me, Legs and Back was solid this morning and I left it all on the workout mat. My legs and upper back are toast. This afternoon, when I get home, will be ARX.

    By the way, a friend at work yesterday called me "buff boy". "You're Mr. Workout, look at ya!" he said. So....this whole P90X thing, now that I'm down to my last week of Round 2, is already showing to the folks at work!

  3. Boomer,

    I would recommend sticking with ARX and maybe adding ACP in once a week or so as a 4th workout.


    Feels good when people notice the changes. Gives you that little extra boost of confidence. Keep up the awesome work!