Friday, March 6, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 47: Legs, Back, and Ab Ripper X

I am glad it is finally Friday! I spent a lot of time in my car this week and it is going to be nice to relax for two days!!!

Just a reminder: Tomorrow at 11pm EST, at, BeachBodies is trying to get as many people as possible to login and workout. I need to get in my Kenpo anyways so this time is as good as any! If any of you guys login my username is "JIrv" look me up.

I had a below average nutrition day. The morning started out fine with a Whey Protein shake and whole wheat toast. I then left and forgot my protein bars, chicken salad, and water at home. I had an early lunch at a sports bar and like most sports bars the menu was high in fat and low in quality. I ended up getting a grilled chicken Caesar salad. The Caesar dressing is so high in fat but it was still my best option. I ended up having a bud light also, first beer in awhile and it was good! I got home around 4pm and had a protein bar and an atkins protein drink. And for dinner I had a 12-inch turkey sub from subway. So, overall not horrible, but my fat and carb ratios were high and my overall calories fell about 400 short of goal since I missed my midmorning snack. However, since I got home I have consumed about 2 gallons of water! I always feel good when I drink a ton of water!

I did Legs and Back about an hour after dinner and was a little sluggish because of that. By about the midway point of the workout my energy level was back to normal and I ripped out the rest of the exercises. Sweated through sneaky lunges and did 148 reps on the pullup bar. ARX was a little challenging today. After a kick-ass Yoga workout (can't believe I just typed that) and Abs/Core Plus yesterday my core and abs were sore today. I might have over did it some yesterday. But sometimes you need to push your limits to get results. So I might be sore and tired but that is better than fat and tired!!

Tomorrow is Kenpo X at 10am CST!

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  1. Although I normally workout at 5am every morning, I usually take advantage of the weekend to sleep in a bit and workout around 8am. Since I live in Hawaii, the mass wowy workout starts at 6am my time... yikes. I will see if I can make it.

    Dude, 148 pull-ups! That is awesome. I think my arms will fall off if I did that many!

    Project Exercise

  2. Jeff:

    Good job on the pullups. Legs and Back is a great workout, and every one of them leaves my legs sore for the next day. My hammies are all locked up this morning and Yoga (my Sat workout) will once again be a challenge. But...Yoga always loosens them up and I feel great afterwards.

    My diet was excellent yesterday until we went to an event at my sons high school. They hosted all local restaurants in a fund raiser and they gave away samples of their fare. While I didn't pig out, I did find a barbeque table where the pork fell off the bones, simply by picking them up. Oh man...I had five of those! So, I cheated last night...but I'll make up for that today!

    If I'm around for WOWY, I'll be there!

  3. Boomer ... I don't blame ya for wanting to sleep in a little on Saturday! One of my favorite things to do also!

    Steve, don't worry about the minor cheating! You have been working hard enough that it won't make any difference and on the bright-side pork has some protein, it!

    Next week my buddy Mike and his wife are coming to town and we are going to the Houston rodeo. The world's best BBQ will be on display and BBQ is my weakness. So, I am planning on being super-clean this whole week becasue next Saturday I am going to have some pulled pork, sausage, brisket and chicken!!