Tuesday, March 31, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 72: Plyometrics Run

Plyo was my scheduled workout today. After a long day of work and an even longer month I decided to get out of the house and go for a 3.1 mile run -- seemed like it would be therapeutic or something!

On Saturday I ran 3.1 miles and when I woke up Sunday morning the outside of my left foot was killing me. Very sore and felt like a muscle was strained. I went to The Academy and bought some new running shoes because I was pretty sure the ones I had were the reason for the pain. Yesterday the foot was feeling a little better and today it felt a lot better. So, I put on the new shoes and went for a run. About a mile in the same place that was strained on the left foot cramped up on me. Bad. It actually hurt to put pressure on it. I sat down for a minute and tried to stretch it out and it seemed to feel a little better. Being the meathead that I am I decided to to keep on running. I went about another mile and it cramped up again.

So this time I limped my sorry ass home and took some advil and am sitting here now with some ice on the bottom of my left foot. It is already feeling better since the muscle cramps have subsided. I mentioned in yesterdays posts that my body is just beat up and this latest little speed bump is sort of the epitome of that. I'll be fine and should have no problems doing Back and Biceps tomorrow. But I might have to lay off the running for a week or so!

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  1. I had a problem with my foot where I had micro tears. It is called plantar fasciitis. It is a common running's ailment. It is very painful. I finally had special inserts made for my shoes. Mine were made by a running specialist at my local runner's shoe store. Podiatrists also recommend them for their running patients who have plantar fasciitis. The inserts are called orthotics. When I got mine, they used a computer to map the bottom of my feet and then used software to cut it out. So they fit my feet like a glove. I haven't had a problem with the fasciitis since. It doesn't completely sound like what you have, but you might want to google it up to read about it.

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  2. The last comment was mine... I hit the enter button by mistake before I got to put my name in.

  3. Dangle,

    That really sucks about your foot, believe me I had my share of running injuries. If the pain is on the bottom of side of your foot in the arch area, then it probably is Plantar Fascitis as Boomer says above, but usually this injury comes from overuse. My episodes came when I was running at too heavy of a weight and doing too much too fast. You did the right thing by taking advil and icing.
    I would be careful doing Plyometrics as well. Make sure you warm up first, stretch, run then cool down and stretch just like Tony does in his videos. It's a pain in the a#$ but it will keep you injury free.

  4. I had a similar issue with my foot. in my case, my cuboid bone of my right foot was out a bit. It hurt to walk, and there was no way I could run. I was clueless as to what was wrong. My Chiropractor set it back in place, and my pain was gone. I was able to run the next day. The plantar fascia mentioned above covers much of the bottom of your foot. If the pain can be isolated to a specific point, I doubt it's plantar fascitis.

  5. Boomer, I had Plantar's Fasciitis too. It hurt from the ball of my foot to midway up my leg at its worse. That is one of the toughest, cruelist injuries anyone could have. It hurt just to walk across carpet and step on an electric cord. Oooooo...bad memories - bad memories!

  6. I went from running nothing to running several 10k+ distances last year and this is the best advice I have.


    In running shoes are 95% of your issue. And don't just go to Academy or Dicks to get your shoes if you don't know what you're looking for. Find a local running store that will fit you and watch you walk. Several stores around here and the one I bought my shoes at watch you walk and run in order to see how your foot reacts to the shoe.

    I used to have to wear insoles because my arches were killing me and my feet aways hurt, and my legs were always sore. Then I got a very nice pair of running shoes and all that went away. They are lighter and built for people with low arches.

    Granted I dropped about 100 bucks on mine, but I'd bought some for a sporting goods store 6 months before that for 50 and they sucked and didn't do anything.

    Some people might disagree with me, but I could throw every piece of fitness equipment I own away, and the first thing I'll replace are those shoes, and then my ipod :)

  7. Thanks guys -- Pretty sure it isn't Plantar's Fasciitis because I checked it out on Wiki and my pain is isolated to the middle outside of my left foot. More than likely it is because I had poor arch support and the foot is just bruised from banging on the concrete. Looks like the answer is to shell out some bucks and get me a pair of good running shoes.

    Thanks for advice everyone, it is much appreciated!