Sunday, March 8, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 49: Rest Day

Today is my rest day. And since tomorrow begins Week 8, which is a Recovery Week I am going to take the day off instead of doing Stretch X.

The Recovery Week Schedule looks like this:
  • Monday - Yoga X
  • Tuesday - Core Synergistics
  • Wednesday - Kenpo X
  • Thursday - Rest/Stretch X
  • Friday - Core Synergistcs
  • Saturday - Yoga X
  • Sunday - Rest/Stretch X

My buddy Mike and his wife are coming into visit on Friday ans staying the weekend. So, I may take Saturday as my rest day and do Yoga on Sunday. We will see how it goes.

Also, tomorrow is an exciting day because my wife is starting P90X. She was going to last week but had to have her wisdom teeth taken out. Anyone who has had that done knows the days following are not real productive so the start date got pushed back! I am spending the day doing the grocery shopping and printing out the workout guides for her. It will be fun to have a workout partner. However, we both work erratic hours so we will probably do the workouts apart more than together, but it will still be fun.

I am trying to figure out a good recovery drink for her? She doesn't want to do Cell Mass because of all the Creatine in it so I am probably going to order the P90X recovery drink again.

Anyone have any other suggestions for a recovery drink for women?

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  1. Jeff, that's great news about your wife starting P90X!

    As for the recovery drink.. the P90X version also has some creatine in it. I have my own formula that I mix up with extra creatine. However, I think I will try Nitrix and Cellmass for round 2.

    Btw, I used to use Endurox R4 recovery drink. It doesn't have creatine in it. You wife may like it. It is delicious so it is very palatable. I did a review of it on my site. You can find the review here...

    Project Exercise

  2. Jeff:

    I wish I could get my wife to start P90X. She always wanted to workout at home - and this is the perfect program for that.

    I crammed in an hour of Yoga X this morning, and I'll finish it up when I get home tonite. I don't like doing two parts of Yoga, but I couldn't avoid it today.

    Baseball practice went very well yesterday. I drilled several balls to the warning track (330' w/wood bat)...something I just don't do. I'm a line-drive gap hitter but yesterday, I found myself feeling strong and muscling a few. My legs felt strong...but after throwing 150 pitches during BP, not even doing arm-cicles is helping my shoulder soreness today. Thankfully, its sore and not hurt.

    Have fun with Yoga X tonite!


  3. Boomer -- She informed my that she wants to drink the "good tasting orange stuff that we used to have here!" -- so I am back to ordering the P90X recovery drink. I am sticking with the cell mass though -- it is money!

    I like the review on Endurox R4...I might have to try it out after this round.

  4. Steve, That is great to hear that the baseball went well. Shit, by the end of the X you will be batting clean-up and those liners to the gap will be carrying over the wall!

    It is amazing how the arm circles really loosen you up ... they hurt!

  5. I did a lot of research on recovery drinks and found out that chocolate milk also work great or even better. Mike phelps used that every day while training for the olympics. I drink it 20 min. after t finish my workout. It feels great, plus it taste really good.