Saturday, September 6, 2008

It is Time to BRING IT!

The P90X FINALLY arrived yesterday evening! After only 10 short days of waiting.

I received the 12 DVDs, 3 Resistance Bands, P90X Recovery Tub, Nutrition Guide, Fitness Guide and the Chin-Up Bar. I also received the P90X Plus (+) so I guess I will be doing that 91 days from tomorrow! The nutrition guide is a little overwhelming when you first start reading it but by about the middle it really starts to make sense. The Beachbody writers stress that the nutrition part is the key to results. Drop the crappy snack food and stick to the program.

I am ready to BRING IT starting tomorrow morning. Today I am going to install the ChinUp Bar above a guest bedroom and go grocery shopping and plan my entire week based on the nutrition guide. Last night I bought push up handles and a yoga mat so I am just about ready!

I cleared away my gameroom and it will now become my home gym:

I finished watching the Intro DVD and I am pumped up. I would start right now but I promised Mike we would stay on the same day and he cannot start until tomorrow.

So, next time I post will be after the Day 1 workout! Wish me luck at Bringing It.



  1. I am going to keep you to it man....I have been getting up at 5am for the past 8 weeks I have trim off 10 pounds and have built muscle with a balance of diet, cardio, and can do it too! I actually participated in the predecessor to the P90X, the old reliable P90 when I lost 50lbs! Ryno

  2. Thanks buddy,

    I loaded up on all the necessary foods needed for the 1st week earlier today.

    I am ready to go.

  3. And I bet it cost you a fortune....but keep this equation in mind:

    Lean Meats from your local grocer for your P90X workout: $300

    Protein drinks and supplement from retail Nutrition chain: $150

    90 day results from P90X workout: