Sunday, September 7, 2008

P90X Day 1: Chest & Back

It has been Brought!

A little piece of me died this morning. Luckily it was a piece of stomache fat.

I started day one with a Protein Shake (Gladiator/Vanilla flavored/Skim milk) and Banana for Breakfast. I then mixed 2 scoops of SuperPump 250. After about 30 minutes the SP250 had me full of energy - I felt great and highly recommend this for your pre-workout drink.

The Chest & Back workout starts with warm-ups and stretching. I actually had a nice little sweat going. Then it jumps right in: Push-ups, Pull-ups, Chin-up, Lawn mowers .... Click here to see the exercises and my results. It totaled 12 different exercises and towards the end I was REALLY feeling the burn. Then when you think you are done Tony informs you we are going to do it all again. This is when you feel the pain. A couple of times I felt like I was going to pass out but keep pushing through. I could not believe how much I was sweating!

After you finish the 24 grueling exercises the hard part is just beginning: AB RIPPER X!!!

This is 15 minutes of non-stop core ripping. My form was pretty bad doing most of the AB exercises. Hopefully this will improve over the nesxt 89 days. AB RIPPER X is killer. I was dropping curse words throughout.
I am drinking the P90X Recovery Drink as I type this and it is very good. I am going to look forward to drinking this after each workout!

My first day review of the P90X in one word: Awesome!

If I can keep this up for 90 days I am going to be in the best shape of my life.

Anyways, I have my diet planned for the rest of the day: Protein Bar Snack, Chef Salad Lunch, Cheese stick and Protein Drink snack, Grilled Chicken Breast Dinner. Protein Galore!

Here are my Pre-Day one Photos (hello fatty!) and you can see my measurement on the Fit Tracker Link on the right:

Thanks for Reading -- Time to go watch the Steelers beat up on the Texans. Yes, I live in Houston but I am from Pittsburgh.
Go Stillers!


  1. Week One Here we go STEELERS! I am so psyched for today! My boyfriend and I got a 12 pack of Bud Light Lime and have Pizza Hut coming in less than an hour!!!

    -Natalie Marshall

  2. FYI....Steelers fans:

    Cowboys beat Steelers in Super Bowl....end story. Go BOYS!

    Anyway, Jeff, if you were any better looking, this site could be considered softcore porn...LOL

    J/K keep it up buddy....You and I will be the envy of the region at ADA...LOL Call us the "Bash Bros"