Tuesday, September 30, 2008

P90X Day 24: Kenpo X

Late night last night watching the Steelers and Ravens beat the living hell out of eachother! It was a great game if you like defensive football - which I do.

Any of you other guys out there that are in sales or have ever worked in sales know what the last day of the month is like. You are trying to find every last dollar out there and you must turn over every stone. I was in and out of about 12 offices today so I started the morning off very early with my skim milk whey protein shake with banana on the road. I had a protein bar for the morning snack and then a turkey sandwich on whole wheat for lunch. I had a lowfat cheese stick and some nuts for the afternoon snack and lean beef fajitas with 4g carb shells for dinner.

I did the Kenpo workout around 7pm and brought the hell out of it!

This workout really makes me sweat but it is getting easier everytime I do it. Since I am familiar with the workout I am able to add a few extra reps and focus on my form. My kicks are starting to get very high. I used to struggle with the back kicks but not anymore! The key to this workout is speed and form. Focus on those two aspects and you will feel the results.

Tomorrow is the X Stretch day. It is all part of the rest week and muscle confusion of the P90X program. I always feel pretty good after doing the X Stretch so I am looking forward to it.

Also, Only 5 more days until I post my Day 30 photos! I can't wait to do this. I will probably host it on one of my other websites and link it her so I can do side-by-sides.

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  1. Jeff you're my idol!lol Are you kidding me, I can't believe how dedicated you are to this, that's incredible! Congratulations buddy!! :)

  2. Keep up the good work pal! I just completed another day of yoga X. I held the crane for about 11 seconds today! I also did between 4 and 5 push-ups between vinyasas! I also killed the yoga belly, even the 3 height heels to the heaven move. I am finally starting to pick up some momentum as the results are become evident especially in my lower abdomen. Keep up the good work man! Can't wait to post my day 30 pics either!

  3. -Jeff

    I was reading yesterday's comments and thought i would put my 2 cents in! If you are looking for creatine check out lean mass builder it comes in a green container at your local GNC. It is a protein powder with creatine. 5 mg per scoop. You may also want to check out AtLarge Nutrition they have some great products. As far as pre-workout supplements go I have tried NO-Xplode, Nanovapor and Black Powder. I took the NO- Explode first for a few months I would say I liked it the most. It got me psyched about working out, and helped alot w/ energy. I feel like the NanoVapor did the same but it sometimes gave me headaches. I think that the Nanovapor increased my strength more than the X-plode however had worse side effects. I would say that it doesn't get you psyched up as much as NO-xplode. I also took Black powder along w/ NO2 black which i thought was a primo stack. The Powder definantly puts you over the top and you will not build a tolerance as quickly as the Xplode. The only bad thing about these products is that they are loaded with caffeine and can disrupt sleeping patterns. I still have some of these supplements left and plan to take them w/ subsequent rounds of P90x. I am currently not taking any supplements except for some weight gainer, as my post workout drink, from AtLarge Nutrition called Maximus. There Pre -workout drink called Results was pretty strong Results wise. I didn't really get pschologically pumped from it but the results were just as good as the stregth gains from Nanovapor if not better!

  4. Hey, folks:

    Keep up the hard work....way to go!!!

    Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I have sworn off regular artifically made supplements, except for men's one a day multi-vitamin. I do have recovery drink after plyo, and sometimes after legs & back. I also have an occasional protein bar. Other than that, everything I eat is from relatively unprocessed food.

    The reason? My first time doing the X (June-July 2007), I was taking regular supplements as part of my nutrition:

    recovery drink every day
    act energy drink every day
    protein bar every day
    mega multi vitamin every day
    creatine avery weight day

    I did this for about 60 days, at which point I stopped P90X ona regular basis. I was still working out, just not quite as hard core. In August, I started feeling lousy...fatigue, digestive issues. Long story short, I went and saw my doctor, something just wasn't right. He did a full blood panel. The good news? My total cholesterol was less than 100, pretty good for a 49 year old.

    The bad news? My liver enzymes were through the roof. He asked me about my diet, which he actually applauded. Then ha asked about supplements, etc. When I told him, he said one word. STOP!!! He could be certain what was affecting me, but he said just to stop. I did immediately, but kept my nutrition sound otherwise. Within 45 days, my liver enzymes were back to normal and I felt fine.

    For this time doing the X, I only take the supplements listed above, and then very judiciously. i am getting 7 - 8 quality hours of sleep each night, and going to bed at roughly the same time each day. I am eating right and regularly. 4 - 500 calories every 2.5 - 3 hours. 120 oz water every day. No caffeine, no protein powder other than the occasional recovery drink.

    I feel like I have as much energy (maybe more) than a year ago, and I'm not putting a lot of artificially made chemicals into me that may do god knows what. I have not missed a single workout, have even replaced rest days with an additinal yoga run.

    I'll get off my soapbox now, but you probably can tell I'm pretty passionate abouth this subject. I think the whole supplement racket is just that. Folks selling us a lot of expensive things we don't need. We have everything we need.

    OK, I'm done, if you want to throw a tomato, please make sure it is ripe...I'm still sore from sneaky lunges...


  5. Andy!!!
    Thank you so much for posting this comment. I had some blood work done two weeks ago and the doctor requested that I have a followup done due to my high ALT (SGPT). The Ref Range is 7-56 and I'm at 103. I started reading about the possible causes and got a bit worried. Now I'm going to relax until I have the second test done (dr. suggested to wait a month). I bet it's the same deal you went through!
    Thanks for sharing...