Friday, September 26, 2008

P90X Day 20: Kenpo X

Kenpo X Day ... My favorite day of the Week!!

I had an early start to the day. I had egg whites and turkey sausage for breakfast and then rolled out of the house. I had a bunch of appointments and was able to squeeze in a 20g Protein bar in car. I then met up with my friend and co-worker Ryan for lunch. We needed to swap some products and devices for next weeks appointments. We met at a new restaurant and we weren't even sure if it was open yet. Not only was it open but it was a staff training day and we ended up getting a free lunch because of it! I had a small grilled chicken salad and ate all the chicken and some of the lettuce and carrots. They also gave us 1/2 of a chicken fajita meal. So, I had two fajitas with grilled chicken, cheese and soft shells. The shells pushed me over my carb and calorie level for lunch but they we soooo good! I also had a bunch of leftover Grilled Chicken so I had that with 1 scoop of Wheybolic Extreme 60 (cookie n' cream flavor..yum) with skim milk for dinner.

Anyways, since I cheated a little for my Friday lunch I was able to BRING IT extra hard on Kenpo X today. I focused on my form and my kicks. I hate to say it but I really think the yoga has helped with my flexibility (Andy you are right!!) because I was able to kick a lot higher and maintain balance much better than the last two weeks!

Tomorrow is supposed to be my "Rest Day" but I think I may do the Cardio X workout instead of the X Stretch. I can do this because Week 4 starts Sunday and that is the low impact week of P90X. I have to do the cardio DVDs all week and none of the pushup/pullup/weight DVDs so I think I will add the cardio x tomorrow.

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