Thursday, September 25, 2008

P90X Day 18: Yoga X

Sorry about the delayed post. My ISP (Comcast) has decided to crap out again. Things still aren't back to normal since IKE rolled over us so I cannot be to frustrated since Comcast has major damage just like everyone else! And my wireless Sprint Card decided not to work either?

Fun Day!

Today was Yoga Day. As has been dcoumented this is not my favorite workout. However, I did better today because I am becoming familiar with the DVD. Aside from this being 92 minutes long it is sometimes hard to follow. When you are down on your mat you basically have to just listen to Tony. If I have to look up at the TV I end up losing my balance/form and then ruin the whole move!

I am still doing well on my diet. Did the Protein shake for breakfast with a protein bar for snack, chef salad for lunch, nuts and a cheese stick for midday snack and chicken breast for dinner.

I was feeling a little tired today and wasn't really sure why? I had enough sleep? So I was reading over the P90X nutrition guide and I have come to the conclusion that I need to add a few more carbs to my diet. It says that everyone is different and we need to listen to what our body tells us. I will add just another serving a day and hopefully this will help with my energy level.

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