Thursday, September 25, 2008

P90X Day 19: Legs/Back/Abs

Great workout today!

I really enjoy this DVD. It is not the hardest to get through but it REALLY works the heck out of your legs, arms and back. I am not as sweaty as I am after Plyo but my legs still feel it walking up and down the stairs right now. I did more reps than ever on the pull-ups today. It is amazing how far I have come on the pull-up bar compared to 19 days ago. I have more than doubled my reps! I absolutely love the burn on the wide grip pull-ups.

I did a decent job on ABX again today. The fifer scissors killed me as usual ... I was able to only hold for about 15 reps before I needed a couple seconds rest. Jumped right back in and finished out with Tony but it ripped me up good. The "Heels to the Heavens" was also extremely hard for me today as well. After I finished up the "Mason Twists" I crashed on the floor for about 5 minutes and just breathed. Great workout!

Same old, same old on the diet today! Added some whole wheat rice to my chicken and asperagus dinner tonight to try and add a few more carbs (38G) into the program. Got about 3000 calories in today. A little on the high side but my body needed them all and allowed me to really Bring It!

Tomorrow is the awesome Kenpo X.

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  1. Jeff,

    I feel you on the ab Ripper X! Yesterday I only made it to 10 reps on the fifer scissors, I also had trouble with the heels to the heavens. I think that my legs are bent to much b/c of lack of flexibility to start w/ so it becomes a little harder to complete them w/ proper form. It's Yoga for me today. I do not neccassarily hate it however, I have come to dislike my legs on fire. I also think he does the first leg of a set much longer than the other one so I might switch my legs up and do right when he says left to even it out. I have not seen near as much progress on the pull-ups. So if anything I am jealous b/c I use to do assisted(By someone pushing me up, when I could no longer do them myself) pull-ups at the gym, along with using the lat machine and a couple other excercises. I rarely increased repititions or weights during these excercises. So keep up the good work. I am also thinking about doing doubles, the only problem is to do them I would have to wake up around 4:30 which sounds pretty darn tuff. I regularly get up at 5:20 to be at work at 6 so I already go to bed at 10(Which is extremely early for me). I don't mind the 5:20 but it would be a real sacrifice at 4:15. I will probably end up doing it just to prove to myself that i can. I think that getting in two workouts will be much easier on the weekends! Anyways good luck on the Kenpo today partner......

  2. Good Morning:

    I swapped out the X Stretch for the first 50 of Yoga today, day 14. 450 kcal burn, avg HR 97. Nice way to end week numero dos.

    Yoga is indeed becoming something I love...and tests my patience, strength and stamina...all good things...

    Reload for week 3 tomorrow at 7 AM.

    P.S. Matt: I get up at 430 AM M-F, so I will have time for all of the sessions before work. I find that, even though it is a bitch, working out on an empty stomach eliminates nausea that many folks feel with P90X, and it kick starts my metabolism for the day. Additionally, it is a great feeling of accomplishment to start the day. Of course, I'm falling asleep by 9 PM...

    Andy Tomlin

  3. You guys are dedicated to get up at 4:30! I do my weekend workouts in the morning but during the week I have to do it in the evening. Remember a big component of P90X is to get proper rest!

  4. I agree regarding proper wit:

    I'm in bed by 9 PM Sun - Thur. I get 7-7.5 hours sleep Sun - Thur nights, 8 - 8.5 hours Fri/Sat nights...