Thursday, September 11, 2008

P90X Day 5: Legs/Back/AB Ripper X

Today was an interesting day. Got up early and had a Protein Shake with Banana. I then had to drive down to the Heights in Houston do look over a case with a Doctor and then immediately run over to another appointment. By this time it was about 11am and another Doctor called and had a patient in the chair and needed help. I slammed my protein bar on the way there while listening to the radio about IKE. Luckily all my afternoon appointments rescheduled so I was able to get home for lunch and had a chef salad. This was a blessing because traffic was getting very heavy since all the people (a million plus) South of Houston were all evacuating and I would have got caught up in it if I stayed out any longer.

My phone was ringing off the hook all day and I had a ton of things to do to prepare for the hurricane and I needed a break: Enter Tony Horton and Legs/Back/Abs!

This was a great workout. Twenty-three different leg and back exercises that just kicked the crap out of me! This may have been my favorite workout so far. We moved from lunges to pull-ups at a very brisk pace and I felt like I really was able to BRING IT today.

Then I did AB RIPPER X and that good positive feeling went right down the toliet. This is now my third time doing ARX and I took a step back. I worked so hard on Legs and Back that I had nothing left for Abs. I made it all the way through but it was not pretty. Thank God that I had the wonderfully delicious P90X Recovery Drink waiting for me!!

So, to Recap: Legs - Awesome; Back - Wonderful; Diet - Excellent; Abs - Awful.

Tomorow is Kempo X day and I think it is going to be fun.

The city of Houston is closed tomorrow and we have been advised to stay off the roads and get ready for the storm. This means I have no accounts to see or call so I basically have an "office day" tomorrow. I have a 9am conference call and right after that I plan on hitting Day 6 hard.

Friday night IKE is supposed to be hitting so chances are I might not be able to post for a few days since we will probably be with out electric. Luckily, Saturday is the Stretch/Rest day so it should not impact my routine too much.

If I have to I will plug my laptop into my car and do the videos in the garage!

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