Sunday, September 14, 2008

P90 X Day 8: Chest/Back/Abs

Even without the luxury that is electricity I was able to get in my Day 8 Chest and Back video. I used my laptop that was hooked up to my car and ran an extension cord from the garage up to the workout room. I felt very dedicated after rigging together this device!

My house was extremely uncomfortable due to the heat so I had the sweatest workout to date. It was much easier today than last week since I remembered most of the exercises and was comfortable with them. I felt great on the pull-up bar and can already feel progress being made. I need to go weight myself this week.

Ab Ripper X was even not as brutal today! I made it through the whole thing without feeling like I needed to vomit and actual hit all the reps a couple of times. I am sort of proud.

I somehow tweeked my left shoulder today on the pull-up bar and as I type this it is aching pretty bad. Tomorow is Plyometrics so that will give it a day to rest. Doing to well now to let a minor pain slow me down.

Even though we are living like we are in a Third World Country I have been able to stick to my diet throughout this whole ordeal. I did have one light beer on Saturday but considering the circumstances I think it was okay. I have been eating grilled egg whites, turkey sausages, chicken, beef, pork and shrimp (as I typed that the Third World Country joke seems rather lame). On Friday night I knew we were going to lose power so I made a Protein Shake in the Blender for the next morning.

What sucks is that the stuff we were unable to grill in the fridge has to be thrown away. All the time I spent aimlessly wondering the grocery store aisles looking for the P90X diet items is wasted! Oh well. I guess once a grocery store opens up again I will start from scratch.

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