Wednesday, September 10, 2008

P90X Say 4: Yoga

Let's say that their is a flexibility scale from 1-10. One being the least flexible and 10 being the most. I am about a two!

I am not sure if I enjoyed Yoga. I am sure that my body did not.

It was an 1:30 long. I was pretty tired at the end but it really loosened my otherwise stiff and tight body. The first half hour was pretty simple to maintain the proper form but it progressively got more difficult as the last hour went on. Some of the poses were impossible for me to even attempt but I tried and next time I am sure it will be easier. Maybe I can become a three on the flexibility scale!

I did okay with the diet again today. I took a Doctor out to lunch so it was a real test to not eat bad. We went to a Brazillian Steak House (Protein Heaven!!) and I passed on the bread, had a small salad with fat free dressing and then had a small filet, some pork and a small portion of chicken. I exceeded my calories at lunch so I skipped my mid-afternoon snack. I am defrosting a Tilapia which I will have for dinner.

I am feeling very good right now and my energy level is higher than it has been in years and this is only day 4. I am very impressed with P90X so far.

It was hard to clear my mind today for Yoga (like Tony suggested at the beginning of the video) because I am getting very concerned with Hurricane IKE. The most recent models have it going up the west side of the Houston area. This means the NorthEast side or the Dirty side of the storm would be right over us. Right now I am planning on staying home and not evacuating, but if the storm intensifies we may have no choice but to leave.

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  1. Dude: Hours later and I still feel great after the Yoga session! I feel about Yoga how Tony says he feels about Ab Ripper X: "I hate it....but I love it!"

    Can't wait to press play tomorrow and kick off Day 5!

    LET'S BRING IT!!!!!!

  2. I feel pretty good right now also! I just wish the yoga wasnt so damn long. Legs is going to be a bitch tomorrow but I am looking forward to it.

  3. I feel really good right now too! I am eating my Blue Bell Ice Cream watching a replay on the NFL channel while managing my Fantasy Team (I think I can trade Ronald Curry for Peyton Manning).....Just Kidding.....I popped in Tony's Ab Burner from the original P90 workout and it was good. I really need to focus on my core....I bet yoga does that too? Right guys?

  4. Ryno -- Yoga focused on my entire body, I hurt a little last night but this morning I felt like a million bucks!