Friday, February 19, 2010

Big Weekend Planned

Yes, I am still here!  It is uncharacteristic of me to be away from the blog for this many days but I was pulling some 15-18 hour work days and the blogging suffered.  Luckily, the training did not suffer to bad.

Pretty exhausted after the long week but I am relaxing tonight and preparing for a butt kicking this weekend.  Tomorrow is going to be a reverse Tri day - 10 mile run, 1 hour ride, and 1 hour swim!

Sunday is going to be another long swim day and ride day.

That is all.

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Great to hear from you Jeff. I was getting withdrawals. Have a great butt kicking weekend.

  2. Nice weekend planned...I will be happy if I can get my long bike ride in! Hoping for 50 mile + ride....but probably will not get the other 2 things in. Have you done reverse tri before and if so how does the body feel in the water at the end (No cramping)?

  3. Working 15-18 hour days is enough of a butt-kicking for me! But its good to have you back!

    Enjoy your weekend. We're due some fine weather for the first time in quite a while so I hope you're getting the same.

  4. Yikes! Crazy week, but it looks like you have a terrific weekend planned. Have fun and stay healthy!

  5. Please write about the reverse TRI haha, I have been afraid to try it for fear of gassing in the pool. I assume this is probably the best way to prepare and strengthen your swim though :) Good luck, thanks for posting again my A.D.D. was getting horrible with no blogs to read yesterday at work!!!

  6. Woo, those are the tough ones, good luck

  7. Steve -- nice to see you put up a pic! Now when is the actual blog coming?

    Jason - 1st time doing this. I was afraid that my legs would cramp up swimming but it did not happen. My right knee felt a little tender in the water but nothing too bad.

    All - I was still getting the training in, I just had zero time to blog or sleep. That is just how dedicated I am to my job!