Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 11, Day 2: 60 minutes Bike

The schedule called for 60 minutes and that is what it got.

I played a little game with the trainer today.  I started at 5:30 which is the exact time "The Office" begins on TBS.  Every time a commercial break happened I jumped to the big ring and just mashed at an RPE 10 level.  When the kids from Dunder Mifflin came back it would be back to the small ring and an RPE 4 range. Then "The Office" is on Fox again at 6:00 so I just repeated.  These are the things that need to be done to keep my sanity on the trainer - even if it is somewhat insane?  As soon as a commercial would come on I'd yell at my Pug, who lays next to the bike every ride, "GO! GO!".  Every time he would look up at me like I was a nut-job.  Such memories these hours on the trainer are creating!

Couple Thoughts:

- Watching American Idol right now.  Not really enjoying it that much.

- It is freaking freezing in Houston right now.  I am all for Congress investigating Al Gore.

- Lost is on right now but I like to wait like 20 minutes to watch so I can skip the commercials.  The DVR maybe the best invention in the last 10 years.

- Thinking if I do the 10K Rodeo Run this weekend that I am going to race the hell out of it.  My last 10K was done in 46:20 and I raced that hard.  Thinking I can do it in 44ish?  I've taken one race easy (Sugarland 1/2 Marathon - 1:55:xx) because I didn't want to "lose training time because of recovery" ... got a new perspective on that - Races are for racing...biatches.  But I reserve the right to channel my inner John Kerry and flip-flop on this as I see fit!

- Do any of you guys use tempur-pedic neck pillows  I tried one at the mall this weekend and it seemed awesome, but it is like $85?  If that type of cash is going to be dropped I'd love to hear a positive review or two?

- How's bout LaDanian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook both being released.  IMO, very solid move by both teams.  Youth is king in the NFL!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Hi Jeff,
    Cheers for your big time determination and training insanity:) Just so you know, your 10k time crushed my 52 minutes:) I have a few 10ks coming up along with another half. I think you should do the 10k...who knows, you might surprise your self!!

  2. Jeff, I like your "game". I will have to try that on my trainer. Its a great way to get in your intervals.

    44 minutes for a 10k would be more than awesome. Flip-flop as required... like Johnny says, "I was for it before I against it".

  3. i used to do that game with my personal training clients on the treadmills and the bikes. when a commercial came on, it was GO time. it really does help and makes the trainer more fun and the office is one of my favorite shows. that cold you speak of is creeping its way over here now. still have one more day of decent temps. hopefully this is the last little blast of cold for all of us. we need outside time on a consistent basis darn it! can't wait to hear about that pillow if anyone gives you a review...as i sit here with a knot in my trapezius from sleeping wrong. happens way too much. have a great day Jeff!

  4. LT I saw coming, westbrook is a surprise to me. Both will either end up on hte raiders or redskins.

  5. I play the same game on my stationary bike (don't have a road bike or trainer... YET!). Really passes the time and usually is a good length of interval.

    I agree with races are for racing mentality. I tell myself if I am splurging the cash for this, I want to get the most out of it, I can run a workout at home for free haha!

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Dude, your inner John Kerry would get a Purple Heart for that blister you had the other day.

    I like your training mind set. I've done the "commercial" intervals before on my stationary bike, except I upped the RPM's. The resistance on my bike was so fake. Setting 1 was level riding, setting 2 was climbing Mt. Everest, setting 3 riding into a wall, and so on. Now the thing is just sitting there waiting for Ebay or a yard sale.

    American Idol is slowly turning into "American Relic." I don't see it lasting past this season.

  7. Steve, I have to agree... Idol sucked last night.

  8. They were all talking about how great the girls were going to be on Idol. Not a one stood out? If my wife didn't like Idol so much it might be dead to me.

    Diesel - my buddy called me yesterday and said the samething, "some stupid team like WAS or OAK will pick up LDT and Westbrook" ..pretty fun how predictable those teams are!