Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week Eight, Day Two: 30 Minute Run + 30 Minute Bike

And so it begins .... The Final Season of Lost!  I just spent the last 2 hours getting my brain scrambled by this crazy show.  The writers of Lost really need to win every major award for writing every single year.  This show is just so good and I can't wait to watch again next week. I almost wish I had never started watching Lost so that I would have 6 seasons of episodes for the trainer  ... I'd never want to get off the darn thing!

All righty then ... Today was a 30 minute bike on the trainer in the morning.  I pushed it pretty hard since it was only 30 minutes and was feeling awesome after the ride. 

After work today I came home and tossed on my kicks and some shorts and headed out.  It was a little cold (high 40's) but after a couple of minutes I warmed up real quick.  I ended up doing 3.58 miles in 30:27.  That is a pace of 8:31/mi which has become a rather comfortable pace for me.  I'd say it is in the RPE 3 zone. 

Week Eight, according to my training plan, is a recovery week.  I am still doing 9-10 workouts but the length is not as long.  Part of me wants to do more but I still have 12 weeks of this plan to go and I am guessing the rest weeks are included for a reason.  Sooooo ... I will just keep the intensity a bit higher than normal.

Tomorrow is 30 minutes Bike and 30 minutes swim.  Also, I have another product that I am going to put to the test and then do a review and will explain a little more tomorrow.

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  1. Good job, Jeff! I like your drive and dedication. You have really taken to the endurance sports very well. Me... well, I guess I am just an old-school gym rat type. Too late for me... you know that old dog new tricks thing. LOL!

  2. Gym rat. Even though I workout at home, I guess I'm one of those!

    My 13-year old daughter just entered her second road race, but this time she's doing the adult 5K with some friends! She has awesome form and is so athletic, she's a natural. Dad might have to suck it up and run alongside, or behind her. I'll have to clank along in my cross trainers!