Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week Nine Recap of HIM Training Plan and Gross Pic

How'd I do last week?

Planned Volume:
Swim - 2 hrs
Bike - 2 hr 30 mins
Run - 4 hr 30 mins
Planned Total Volume - 9 hours

Actual Volume:
Swim - 2 hrs (3000 meters)
Bike - 3 hr 35 mins (64.50 miles)
Run -  3 hr 27 mins (24.71 miles)
Actual Total Volume - 9 hours 2

This week was right on the plan as far as volume goes.  The bike got an extra hour over the run.  Part of this is because I lost a run day on Thursday because of work.  Saturday was an off day but I added a bike instead of run.  Another part is that I am a stronger runner than cyclist right now.  So, if it is a toss up I will jump on the bike!  My race in April is an Oly Distance Tri (Even though I am doing a HIM Training program).  The Olympic distance is a 10k run and I am confident this can be done in 46-48 minutes, even more confident after Sunday's 7:44 pace in the Half Mary.  With that being said, bike and swim need the most work.

My legs were feeling very good this morning.  Much more fresh than I figured they would be!  Annie is not so lucky, she has been limping around in complete soreness for the last two days.  I feel bad for her.  She is using me as her servant so I don't feel that bad.  This morning I got up early and jumped on the trainer and watched Jack Bauer on the Tivo.  I actually felt bad for the Russian gangsters who were torturing Jack because we all knew they were going to die a very painful death - and they did.  This morning was a solid hour.  I did big ring intervals with every commercial, fun little game to battle the boredom of the trainer.  After work I went to the pool and swam for about an hour.  Worked on some drills and did 4x100 intervals and then some slow practice on my technique.  Ended up doing 1500 meters (?? lost count a few times).   Good day.

Okay, this next section is gross.  You may remember the Nasty Blister that I got on my heel during the Texas Trail Run 50K.  Well, it reappeared this weekend and I took a pic....yeahhhh!!!

I stuck the Garmin next to it so you could have an estimation of the size of the blister.  The funny thing is that it does not hurt at all. If it wasn't so ugly you wouldn't even know it is there.

Not sure what to do about this reoccurring blister.  I use body glide on the foot and it has now happened with two different types of shoes (trail and running)?  Has to be something about my stride that is causing this?  Anyway, thought I would share with my blog family! 

Tomorrow is a scheduled 30 minute swim.  That is all? Sometimes this training plan is too easy (-:

Thanks for Reading,


ps -- might have errors in this post, Lost just finished Tivo'ing and I need to watch it ... Lost is awesome so far this year!


  1. First... good job staying on your schedule.

    Hey, your conditioning is extremely good. Fresh legs after the race is incredible. I am sorry to hear about Annie's legs. My legs were trash after my long Saturday runs for anything over 12 miles. So I know how she feels.

    That is some kind of blister my friend. Are you using the same shoes? What kind of socks do you use?

    Ain't it amazing how Jack gets stabbed in the gut then jumps up and fights terrorists like its just another day at the office!

  2. I love the sight of festering wounds in the morning! It looks like....victory.

    Your training is solid and I like how you tackle your weakest areas. That's the heart of a competitor!

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Great job with your workouts:)

    You should send your blister picture to Speedo Steve, he is always looking for gross injury pictures to post in his blog:)

    Happy Wednesday!!

  4. Nasty blister man. Do you wear socks that wick moisture away? I used to get blisters and switched my socks to the "ventilated" ones, no more blisters. Other possibility is maybe the trails are causing your feet to move a lot more than on the pavement? Put some sort of ointment on that so you don't get an infection. Great training numbers for the week! I am kicking up my swimming as well. I am glad that there is another solid runner out there for the TRIs haha, feels GREAT to pass the hordes of people for the entire 10k, now if only I can get to the 10k faster hmmmmm...

  5. Just joined today. We have a lot in common. I live in The Woodlands, TX, I am from the burgh, I am a huge Steeler fan, I just ran my first and quite frankly probably my last marathon in Miami on Jan 31, 2010. Finished in 5 hours and 10 minutes. Think I should have ran around a 4:30 but there was 93% humidity and it was 72 degrees which kicked my butt early, and I am set on doing p90X beginning Monday, February 22,2010. I am using your blog for inspiration. I am a 43 year old mother of 3 - a previous athlete set on spending middle age as an active and fit adult. I would love to try a triathalon some day and swimmimng is my best sport. Biking is my worst. Tell Annie Congratulations on her marathon completion. It is a big deal! One question any comments regarding the Classic or the Lean P90X workout? Thanks,

  6. Jeff- Danielle has some advice for you and your blister issue (and she's a dancer and dance teacher- so she knows a thing or two about blisters). She recommends that you use one of those blister band-aids or moleski or tape some lamb's wool on it prior to your run. That spot is an obvious hot spot and is being caused by the way you run. This is especially obvious since you got it in the same spot, yet had different shoes and different socks on. Since you can't change your gait, you'll need to do more pro-actively on the front end before a big run or this will continue.

  7. Boomer- A small little knife is no match for JAck Bauer ..lol

    shersperger - small world! The Houston area has a bunch of relocated Pittsburghers. glad this blog can help with motivation!
    As for P90X Lean vs Classic, it really depends on your goals. If you are trying to become more fit cardio-wise then go with lean. If you are looking to add some upper body definition and looked "ripped" the go classic. I did classic both times!

    Mike - The blister is fine. The pic makes it look much worse than it actually is! Annie bought me some blister band-aids and I used it for this mornings run. Worked great. Probably going to pick up some moleskn though for longer run days.