Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week Nine, Day Three: 2000 Meters Swim + 6.01 Miles Run

Another solid workout day.  At 5pm I went to the pool and busted out 2000 meters - in an hours time.  I took it nice and slow and worked on form the entire time.  After that I hit Subway, grabbed a turkey footlong and ate it in traffic.  Got home, checked my work email and then had a long talk with myself about going on a run.

It was 35 degrees and was spitting sleet.  I really did not want to run in that weather but I decided to suck it up and go.  Ended up doing 6.01 miles in 55 minutes.   Good run.

Three days into this week and I have done three double workouts. Actually I have done double days on 4 of the last 5 days.  My body is still feeling pretty good and the legs are feeling fresh.  With the Austin 1/2 coming up on Sunday I was thinking about doing a little taper but on the run today I decided to screw that and just keep going.  Taper, schmaper.

My parents were supposed to fly into Houston tomorrow from Pittsburgh and were going to spend the next 5 days with Annie and me.  My mother was going to walk the half and we were going to meet up with my cousins and have a mini-family reunion.  Well, thanks to the recent bout of indisputable evidence of global warming in the North East all flights have been canceled and airports closed.  The earliest they would be able to get out of PIT would be on Monday.  That sucks because Annie and I were really looking forward to seeing them and we feel bad for my mom because she had been training and now has to miss the race. 

Tomorrow is going to be hard to get my work in.  I have a CE course from 6-9 tomorrow night and am book up all day long long.  I might have to move some things around and do more on Friday!

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  1. Man, you are like superman or something! The 2000 meter swim alone would have been a great training day. However, you talked yourself in doing 6 miles... in 35 degree weather no less!!! Good thing we have man-made global warming going on.

  2. Nice!! Your a rockstar

    Hope your parents are able to leave

    I sent you an email in ref to your question

    take care

  3. 2 a days are the bomb! So proud of you for talking yourself into running even though the weather sorta sucked. I agree with taper, schmaper! Who needs to stickin taper anyway...ride this wave until your body says, "Jeff, slow your roll!" But until then onward!

  4. For the record, I would kill for 35 degree weather. We haven't been above freezing for over 2 weeks now, and that is not even counting this thing we have called "wind chill"! haha. Awesome job. I need to get my butt in the pool again. I have been researching proper swim techniques online so that I could possibly speed up my times a bit. I will be interested to see if you find a huge impact from the swim classes. Keep on pushing! Good luck this weekend!

  5. Hope your parents get out soon, what a mess out East! I love how you have a long talk with yourself, I do that all the time. :)

  6. Your Mom says she's bummed too and sorry to miss Annie's first marathon. We'll try again soon.
    I'm headed down the basement to do my "Slim in Six". Not too exciting since my original plan was to take a nice long walk this evening in Porter TX.
    By the way, Do chugs shed?

  7. It seems a lot of us have "little talks with ourselves" about training ... Glad I'm not the only nutcase out there!

  8. Hi Jeff,
    If it is 30 degrees where I live it is like having a heat wave:) Good job on your workouts...and having legs that still feel fresh...excellent!! Good luck on your Austin half Sunday!!

  9. Julie - I do feel like a big baby complaining about the 35 degree temps ... BUT that is freezing for us in South East Texas. Heck, we wear jackets in the mid 70's down here.

  10. Hi Jeff,
    Ha ha, if I lived in Texas I would probably feel the same way as you...we kind of adapt to whatever mother nature decides to send us:) I am trying to find a place where I can follow!! I don't see a follow link for now I just copied your blog spot name to my blog roll:)

  11. Oops, never mind, I found it:)