Saturday, February 6, 2010

Week Eight, Day Six: Brick - 1 Hour Bike + 1 Hour Run

What a beautiful day in the Houston area.  The temp was in the low 60's with blue skies!

After I got home from picking up my clipless shoes that I left at the Tri shop it was time for a ride.  Was able to get in a hard 60 minutes and was sweating like crazy.  I had a transition area set up in the garage and toweled off, tossed on my Brooks running shorts and shoes, and hit the road.

I ended up jamming out to a GN'R and PJ medley on the iPod and did not even look at my Garmin until about 55 minutes in to the run.  When I got home it said the run was 6.66 miles - that about a 9ish/mi pace. 

Overall a good workout day.  I was going to go to the pool today but decided against it.  On Tuesday I am going to be taking my first freestyle swimming lesson.  I found a place that works with triathletes and am very excited to get started.  I've decided to not swim again until Tuesday because I am sure my entire technique is going to be stripped down to the bare essentials.  It should be awesome!

Oh, here are some pics of the new saddle on my QR:

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  1. Awesome brick workout!

    I am looking forward to reading about your first freestyle lesson.

  2. oooh! can't wait to read all about your swim lessons. sounds promising. love the Q-Roo! I have a Dulce.

  3. KC - I saw your Dulce pics and she sure is sexy!