Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 10 Volume Recap of HIM Training Program

This is the halfway point of the HIM training program from BT.  And being that I am still a relative newbie to the triathlon world my body is handling the volume much better than I initially thought possible.  Last year I just did Sprint Tri training and then some higher volume running months (30-40mpw) once October started.  My average week would be 4-5 hours of training at the most.  This low number had me tired but it was a good transition coming off of the P90X workouts which took 6 or so hours a week but had numerous pauses and breaks during the workouts.

I really think that a corner was turned with my endurance training when a couple of 100 + mile months were reached running.  My body was learning to adapt to the higher mileage and this was done at a gradual rate so that injury never became a concern.  Physically I learned that my body can handle the volume but more importantly I now know I can handle it mentally.  As a matter of fact, over the last few weeks I have felt like doing more training.  I've tried to stick to the plan and will do this until after my April 24th Tri but after that I might try to bump the hours to 14-17 per week to see how it feels.

Here is my volume for last week:

Planned Volume:
Swim - 4hrs 30mins
Bike -  2hrs
Run -  1hr
Planned Totals - 7hrs 30mins

Actual Volume:
Swim - 2hrs 15mins (4300 meters)
Bike - 4hrs 26mins (79.80 miles)
Run - 2hrs  (13.25 miles)
Actual Totals -  8hrs 41mins (93.05 miles + 4300 meters)

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P.s... I have a buddy, Mike, who has recently taken up running.  He is blogging about this at:  Please stop by and give him some positive mojo.


  1. Hi Jeff,
    Cheers to halfway points where training is concerned:) Good job! I am glad to hear that it is a bit easier than you thought it would be!! I hope that you have an excellent week!!

  2. Hi Julie - Not sure if "easy" is the correct term

    More like I am amazed that my body is not a mangled mess limping around like a zombie. 18 months ago I could barely walk up my stairs without being winded!

    Thanks for the positive vibes - here's to a good week right back at ya!