Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week Eight, Day Four: Rest Day and Gear Stuff

Today was a nice rest day.  I actually felt like doing a workout but have a s/b/r back-to-back-to-back training day scheduled on Saturday so I figured I should follow the plan and take the rest.

Tomorrow I am taking my bike down to Tri on the Run.  It is a Tri specific retail store and I stopped by this afternoon in between appointments.  They have the saddle that I want in stock ... it is the Adamo Racing Saddle.  And they were cool enough to offer me to bring my bike in and we can see which style of the Adamo saddles fits the best.  Can't wait to try it out because my current saddle is killing my arse!

Over the next couple of weeks I have a couple of new items that I am going to try out.  The first one is a hydration product called The Right Stuff.   It was developed for Astronauts by NASA and has since been introduced to the endurance athlete.  It is a Gatorade like product except it doesn't have the Carbs and Calories.  The people at The Right Stuff were kind enough to send me some of the product.  I am going to try it out on Saturday during my long workout and then again next week during the Austin 1/2 Marathon.  A review will follow shortly thereafter.

I also won a box of Chocolate #9 from the Beginner Triathlete website.  If you post a product review they enter you into a monthly raffle and last month I was the victor!  This stuff is a lot like GU and Hammer Gel but is organic.  Going to try this out a couple of times also.

So, will be reviewing the Adamo Saddle, the Chocolate #9, and The Right Stuff.  This should keep me busy for a while.

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  1. Dude, you're going to do a s/b/r on Saturday... that's awesome!

    That is a cool looking saddle. Does it also help with the boys? The one thing that I hate about road bikes are the seats. Long rides are hell on the butt.

    I am looking forward to your upcoming reviews.

  2. I think you're going to love that saddle. It will feel totally different than what you have, plus this shop sounds like they have the expertise to adjust it correctly.

    Not only has your fitness gone to new heights in the last few months, so has your web presence! Great job!

  3. ...oh yeah, have fun explaining that saddle to some yahoo outside a conveninece store on one of your rides!

  4. It is a goofy looking saddle ... I can already see the guy outside the store, "what the hell is that" ... this saddle is supposed to put the weight on you sit bone thus preventing the boys and groin from going numb -- that my friends is a good thing!

    Steve, I blew up my real estate company. Without getting into specifics (we can email if you want to hear more) the structure of it was killing any free time -without the finiancial rewards - that I had so I burned it down. Because of this I have had time to train and also to blog! That is why I have been a lot more active online lately.

  5. Nice looking saddle! My arse hurts all the time, especially after I've been slacking all winter in regards to my bike workouts. I hope it does you well!

  6. Steve, where did you find this layout at? I love it buddy.

  7. Umm, sorry, that just does not look comfortable!! At all!

  8. jeff, that saddle is a local product here...the guy that invented it lives here in tampa. i've been seeing them around and reading about them for a few years but never used one. all of my bikes have fizik saddles and are very comfortable but i'll be curious to see what you think about them. maybe something to consider down the road. have a great weekend!