Friday, February 5, 2010

Week Eight, Day Five: 30 Minute Run

I got my new saddle today - the ISM Adamo Racing Saddle!  It is very comfortable and I cannot believe how good it feels on my ass.

When I got home I strapped the bike back onto my trainer.  Got changed and grabbed some water bottles and went to jump on the bike and that is when I realized that my clipless shoes were nowhere to be found.  I left them at the damn Tri shop ... which is 30 miles from my house in the center of Houston.  Guess I have my morning planned!

So, since the biking was out I decided to go for a short run.  I did 3.5 miles at a gingerly pace over 30 minutes.  I did not push it because tomorrow is 1hr bike, 1hr run, and 1hr swim.  All beginning after I go get my stupid shoes.

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  1. I did something similar. I ended pedaling with my running shoes.

  2. Thats a sweet saddle. Have fun with it tomorrow.

  3. LOL! Gotta love those moments when you discover a missing cog in your regimen. One of those water bottles would have been sailing somewhere if that had been me....

  4. Boomer- I actually tried with my asics on and kept slipping off!

  5. Patrick -- leaving to get my shoes in a couple of minutes and then will log some saddle time!

    Steve -- It was more of a slow realization that I did something that stupid. As I was looking through the car and the garage I was retracing my steps in my head and remember the shoes on the ground at the Tri shop. I was more disgusted because now I have to make that shitty drive back into Houston on a Saturday morning than I was mad.

    Hey, but that is the cool part of being a triathlete - was able to just go for a run instead!