Sunday, March 22, 2009

P90X Side Bar: New Supplement

N.O. - Xplode is the new pre-workout supp I will be using for the remainder of this round of P90X!

This product is made by BSN Labs and they also make the other two supps I am currently using: Cell Mass for my post workout recovery drink and Nitrix as a 3-times a day muscles volumizer and vascularity enhancer.

Both have been awesome and I ran out of the other pre-workout tablets I was using and can honestly say I wasn't real impressed ( I can't even remember the name? Amped or something like that?) so I am going to try the N.O. Xplode since I am so happy with the other BSN products and BSN recommends stacking these three products. Also my buddy Mike who is a fellow P90Xer started using it a couple of weeks ago and he loves it. I called him last week and he said he was getting ready to Bring it, he was talking 100mph and was freaking me out and said it was from the NO Xplode -- sold me!

I am mixing the lemon flavored powder up right now and will report back in a few hours!



  1. Tell me how the lemon is. I love the berry one. And I swear it's almost carbonated or something once you mix it. It's by far the best of the pre-wrkout supplements I've tried. And you know I've treid a bunch!

  2. Mr. Carrot, No Xplode rocks!! I have been taking it since I started P90x six months ago and love it. Not to get too graphic but I actually like to call it Yes Xplode because normally it helps with some important "pre workout" morning routine. Make sure you cycle on and off it i.e. 3 months on 1 month off. Keep up the good work and Keep BRINGING it!


  3. Glenn,

    It definetly helps with the "preworkout routine" and as I am experiencing the now Post workout one to!! lol