Sunday, October 5, 2008

P90X Day 29: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps + Ab Ripper X

Started off this morning with a Whey Protein Shake with Skim milk and a Banana. I then waited about 2 hours and slammed a glass of SuperPump 250 and went and did the new workout: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps.

Man, it was a difficult one too! It really work your Triceps with a number of different types of tricep extensions. I used mostly my light (red) resistance band and 5 lb weights on a couple(See my workout tracker for details >>>).

And it seemed every other exercise was a push-up! Tony Horton had me doing so many different types of push-ups I could barely keep track of my reps. Overall this was a very intense workout. I wasn't a sweaty mess like some of the cardio one but this made my arms and shoulders burn and are still aching right now.

Then I moved onto ABX! I texted Mike and told him I was happy to have ABX back in my life. Since last week was the "rest week", ABX was not part of that weeks program. I brought it as hard as I could and ended up very pleased with my ABX workout. Fifer Scissors is still created by the Devil himself and I had to take a couple of seconds break on this move. I am actually starting to see some definition in my mid-section! I knew my Abs were still there, they were just hiding for the last 10 years or so!

After the workout I had a protein bar (20G) and the awesomely delicious P90X recovery drink. I then settled in for football and had a Turkey and Ham Chef salad with fat free ranch for lunch. Another protein bar and some apple slices for a snack and am planning on Grilled Beef Kabobs marinated in ginger and soy for dinner ... I will have 4 Kabobs (about 48 G protein/800 calories).

Tomorrow is Plyometrics and it is also 30-Day Pictures!!

I have setup a link on Google Docs that currently has my Day 1 photos. I am going to paste my Day 30 photos right next to the Day 1 photos so we can compare the changes on a side-by-side view. I will post the link on tomorrow's post and also on the blogspot gadgets on the right. I plan on then adding Day 60 and Day 90 right next to the others.

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Dude, this sounds intense! Keep up the good work!

  2. Keep up the good work we are almost a third of the way there!

  3. Matt, are you going to post your 30 days at the Daily plate?

  4. Hey, Jeff:

    I'm right behind you...well, 5 days, anyway...

    tomorrow is supposed to be X Stretch, but I have replaced each rest day so far with another Yoga X instead of X Stretch. The stretching is OK, but not enough for me. I think the Yoga is more beneficial...

    Are you doing your workouts through WOWY? I have been tracking almost all of them. They have a daily prize of $300 they award to a lucky WOWY participant. This morning, i received an e-mail saying I won, for yesterday's workout...Core Synergistics....

    Keep pushin' play...

    Andy T.

  5. Andy,

    That is awesome you won $300 bucks. Congrats! Ive been on WOWY but haven't joined. Maybe I should now!

    What did you think of Core Syn?


  6. WOWY is a nice feature..the contest is keeps you honest about doing the workouts...

    Core is exhausts me by the end...I did 31 staggered arm pushups today, 14 prison cell pushups, did the lung press things with 12 lb dumbbells, held position the whole time in plank chataranga iso hold...

    992 kcals at an AHR of 119.

    In 26 days, 19,770 kcals, 760 per day at an AHR of 108.

    30 day pics on Sumday a,d another biweeklt weigh-in, them measurements for day 30.