Sunday, October 26, 2008

P90X Day 50: Yoga X

Today is the official start of Week 8 which is the "Rest Week!"

The next seven days look like this:

Today - Yoga
Monday - Core Synergistics
Tuesday - Kenpo X
Wedenesday - Stretch X
Thursday - Core Synergistics
Friday - Yoga
Saturday - Stretch X/Rest Day

Today was not the best fitness day ever! Annie and I were at a Halloween party last night and didn't get to bed until about 2:30am. The good news is I didn't eat any of the junk food that was abundant at the party - it was hard but I knew I would feel like crap if I ate junk food!

This morning I finally rolled out of bed around 10am and made myself a Whey Protein Shake and an English Muffin with Peanut Butter. Then it was time to start checking out my fantasy football rosters. I had a protein bar around 12:30 and then a Turkey sandwich on whole wheat around 3 o'clock. We then went over to our friends house to watch the Steelers game. They had hot wings there which wasn't the best possible food but I needed to eat so I had about 4 of them and about 10 pieces of celery and I had a protein bar with me so I had that as well. I got some protein from the chicken but I probably had too much fat and I can tell because I feel a little shitty right now. It is amazing how when you start eating right and your body becomes use to that how it reacts when you get off the schedule.

After we got home from the game I took 1 scoop of Superpump and went upstairs and did the Yoga workout. I really tried to relax more today and just focus on the moves and breathing. I have to say this was probably my best yoga workout to date. I was even able to hold the Crane pose for like 5 seconds before I landed on my face! Also, I did very well on the Royal Dancer. I usually lose my balance a few times during this one and today I didn't slip up once. I even was able to pull my back leg up pretty high -- not as high as that show off Adam on the video -- but high for me! The Yoga Belly stuff is still the best part of the yoga workout. This is about the only time I start to sweat a little in all of the yoga workout.

So, now I am slamming my recovery drink and planning out my work day for tomorrow.

(Side Bar)------------------------------------------------------------------------

I want to run a couple of ideas past all my workout buddies who are reading this - bear with me here:

I ordered a new supplement called Anabolic Halo. It is a recovery drink and is supposed to be the best recovery supplement on the market -- according to the reviews. And the reason is .....

I am getting close to Phase 3 of P90X and the diet becomes very carb heavy. The breakdown is like 60% Carbs, 20% protein, and 20% fat. The P90X nutrition guide says that if we have a lot of energy or want to lose more weight we can stay in the current Phase 2 which is: 40% Carbs, 40% Protein, and 20% Fat. My goal when I started P90X was to get my weight down to about 170lbs and I am there right now. For this reason I am planning to go onto the Carb heavy phase 3. My energy level has been a little low lately and I think my workouts could benefit from adding more carbs.

So, since I will not be eating all the protein bars and protein shakes that I have been during Phase 1 and Phase 2 I decided to use the P90X recovery drink as a snack (as suggested in the nutrition guide) and the Anabolic Halo as my actually recovery drink! Now, if I see that I start to gain weight back because of the excess carbs than I will jump back to the balanced protein/carb Phase 2.

So my questions is what do you guys think? Does this sound like the right approach to you? Or do you think I should just stick with Phase 2 for the last 30 days of the program? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Tomorrow is Core Syn!

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  1. Sounds fine to me man....I have been using a weight gainer from AtLarge Nutrition called Maximus as my recovery drink the whole time. Granted i have not gained any weight. I am down 8-9 lbs since the start date. It is about half protein half carbs and adds an additional 500 or so calories into my diet. I will be eating lots of oatmeal, baked potatoes and brown rice for Phase 3 these are all good complex carbs that should keep me a truckin. Oh yeah i thought I would tell you that yesterday was my Kenpo X day and I not only completed it but also got in a 3.7 mile run. I warmed up on the treadmill for a little bit then I ran at speed 6.5 for 2 minutes, then 6.6 for 2 minutes......all the way up to speed 7.5 for 2 minutes. I then jumped it up to speed 8 for 5 minutes and then cooled down. I have to say that I am only slightly sore today! I was a little worried that the type of cardio in P90X (Plyometrics,Kenpo) would transfer over to running. I am glad to say it transferred with flying colors. Oh yeah yesterday I washed my car along with my Mom's which was a good arm workout...wax on wax off wax on wax off....ahahh

  2. Try the change. Those people who made the p90X workout and diet plan know way more than you and I.

    Although, there is no ONE UNIVERSAL diet plan. I say try what they recommend, and if it doesn't work for you or get the results you want, go back to what does!


  3. Brown Rice and Baked potatoes sound awesome!

    Matt we are only a few days apart on the calander so it is cool we will be hitting phase three about the same time.

    When we get a little closer I will post all the carb food options the P90X nutrition guide offers!

    I agree with ryan and plan on trying it but if I start to gain too much weight then maybe I stop.

  4. Have you guys tried Hemp Seed? It's suppose to be the most complete source of protein. It has high quality amino acid. Plus, the nutrition guide did named it on one page somewhere.

    I'm thinking of buying some to make protein shakes for breakfast and recovery.

    Tai Chi Monkey Girl

  5. I haven't tried the hemp seed yet ... let me know what you think if you get some!