Friday, October 24, 2008

P90X Day 48: KENPO X

Happy Friday!

Man, it was one long week for me and I am glad it is Friday! Unfortunately my wife is making me go to some yuppie bar downtown where I am sure people are going to be sitting around drinking chardonnay with their pinkie fingers in the air and talking about how enlightened they are for voting for Obama. I am not bitter, really.

Anyways, I had a nice big breakfast - whey protein shake (skim milk) with banana and a whole wheat english muffin with two scoops of peanut butter (about 650 cals). I forgot to bring my cooler on the road today so I missed my midmorning snack and my body was feeling it around 11:30am. I stopped and picked up a turkey, ham, and cheese chef salad for lunch. Later in the day I had a low fat mozzarella cheese stick and a protein bar. I am going to have a whole wheat turkey and cheese sandwich with some fruit for dinner -- Good times!

I did Kenpo after work today and as usual got in a great cardio workout. I took it a little easy in the left arm uppercuts and hammers as to protect my banged up shoulder, but other than that I really focused on bringing it on every rep. I always look forward to Kenpo and am never disappointed afterwards!

Tomorrow is the Rest or Stretch day. I will probably get up early and do stretch x. My legs are feeling a little tight and it will definitely help alleviate that! Tomorrow night we are going to a Halloween party. It will be hard to pass on the beer but I have gone this far so I will be the DD.

Thanks for Reading!


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