Tuesday, October 28, 2008

P90X Day 52: Kenpo X

Well, I have completed the 3rd day of this so called rest week of the P90X Program! And it was with the always awesome Kenpo X. This workout always gets the heart pumping and the glands sweating. Today I tried to add extra intensity to each move and really bring it. I added height to my kicks and didn't stop moving at all during the breaks (ran in place, jumped rope, jacks, and X-jumps!). This was the first time I finished up a Kenpo routine and didn't feel completely drained. I am happy by this because I am sure it is indicative to how fit I have become as opposed to not working that hard -- P90X works, no doubt about it!

I had a pretty good day all around. Got up early and had a Protein Shake and banana. I had a Pure Protein Bar for my midmoring snack. Packed a Turkey on whole wheat and a skim milk for lunch. The midday snack was another bar and a mozzarella cheese stick and dinner was lean beef and wheat tortilla shells (2) with a the P90X recovery drink.

I switched today from the low-carb (4G) shells that I have been eating to the whole wheat shells. They contain about 29G (210 cals) of carbs per shell. I am starting to transition into Phase 3 of the diet by gradually adding more carbs. My main reason for doing this a couple of days early is my energy level has been pretty low the last week or so. I have been taking SuperPump 250 before each workout just to get me UP enough to Bring It. For this reason I felt like the extra carbs were needed. If you go back and look at my portions and food today I ended up with about 50% carbs/30% protein/20% fat. By eliminating the Protein shake in the morning and dropping my protein bars down to just one a day I will be at the 60%/20%/20% level suggested for Phase 3! Oh, and I just weight myself about 20 minutes ago (after dinner, I know??) and I was at 171lbs -- I am going to check again when I wake up and see if it is even less.

Tomorrow is the Stretch X day. This is a good day to do this because I have an early day at work and then we are running a CE course from 6-9pm at one of my accounts. I won't be home until after 10pm so I will have to do the Stretch X then!

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  1. YOur right it does feel awesome to finish a Kenpo workout and still have a little energy left. I have done this maybe once or twice. SO yesterday I did yoga in my garage where it is becoming quite cold(even with a space heater). My feet were numb for the first half of the routine causing some of the balance poses to be off: Twisting prayer in lunge, Royal Dancer. It was also strange to see almost no sweat at all, which is a huge change since it is usually dripping off of me. I held the crane for about 25 seconds! There was a strange happening while I was in wheel.....I straightened my left arm and heard a grisly crackling noise come from my elbow, when i made it less straight and then returned to the same position it made the same noise. It didn't really hurt, but did not feel natural. The sound was alot more disturbing than the actual effect. I put some tiger balm on it and it is mildly sore this morning. I hope that it will not act up again. I have previously broken my left elbow and it pops alot more often than my right one normally so I'm pretty sure it will make for a quick recovery! Wish me luck on Core Synergystics today...

  2. Hey guys,

    If you haven't had a chance to chat with Tony Horton live on Monday. Take a look at his blog titled Chat Room Throw Down at http://tonyhorton.blogspot.com/2008/10/chat-room-throw-down.html.

    It's very inspirational and a real good kick in the buttocks.

    I feel motivated to go the extra mile.

    Tai Chi Monkey Girl

  3. Matt, take care of that elbow man! That could be a problem -- ice/heat/ice/heat!

    I'll have to check out Tony's blog tomorrow. I just finished the stretch X and I am going to sleep. The stretch X made me sleep!