Wednesday, October 22, 2008

P90X Day 46: YOGA X

The always boring yoga day ....

Started off the morning by having a nice breakfast: 8 egg whites, a wheat English muffin and a glass of milk. I felt very full after eating all this but I was still hungry for my protein bar at around 10:30 am. I had a turkey and ham chef salad with fat free ranch and a slice of wheat toast with peanut butter for lunch. I had a low fat cheese stick and some pineapple slices for the midday snack and I am going to have a sliced chicken breast sandwich with wheat bread and a few slices of apples and a couple of carrots for dinner when I finish typing.

Yoga sucked ass as normal. I skipped the first 15 minutes of warm up stretching and went right into the warrior poses and even though it bores the heck out of me I am getting better at yoga. The yoga belly stuff was again very challenging.

I had a rough day because of the muscle strain in my left shoulder. It seemed to be getting better and then yesterday I did something to aggravate it again. I am barely able to lift my arm higher than my shoulder so yoga was more challenging than normal. I am hoping I can get through the Back and Legs workout tomorrow by stretching and rubbing icy hot on the shoulder. Then I begin the second rest week and hopefully this will allow the shoulder to heal on up! One thing for sure I am not stopping so the rest will have to work!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Dude...I feel you on the ailing body parts...I did something to my forearm and barely managed through bicep curls this morning...

    I am going to get you this awesome muscle cream called "Painatrate"

    I am going to try your breathing tips on fifer scissors tomorrow. I have started to do the wonderful Ab Ripper X after my two mile interval run on cardio days. It is a lot more work on my flabby midsection than Ab Burner (ABX predacessor).

    You can't put too much faith into those scales! I have been working out and trimming my body, but my weight loss has not been where I wanted it to be. But my clothes fit baggy, and I have a little ball of muscle on my arm, I think it is called a bicep...ha ha ha.

    Keep the faith and make this a lifestyle, not a health kick.


  2. I got up at 4am again. Today it was a little easier to get up! It is always hard to get going in the morning of Cardio X after Plyo. My Hip Flexors were alittle tight today, but everything went fine otherwise! Hope that everything works out with the shoulder. I know how you feel with the injuries. My right knee and left shoulder and left elbow have been giving me problems on and off again. I just use Tiger Balm, to loosen them up. It sure feels good(short term) after working out but I'm not sure how good it is actually a long term fix. I know that the proper thing to do is to listen to your body, but since we are so close and on the downhill now I will be pushing through myself also. Keep up the good work Pal!

  3. Matt - welcome to the world on no longer being anonymous with the screen name!

    Only thing I can figure is that we are all getting old - wrists, hip flexors, knees, shoulders .... imagine how bad we would feel if we weren't exercising?

  4. Brought it to Ab Ripper X this morning. Instead of trying to keep with 50 yr. old stud Tony, I decided to set a personal goal/comfort level. The first couple of times doing AbX I tried to go full reps and was pooping out at the end. This time I told myself I am going to do 20 reps of each exercise and I did it (old ab burner 200 was 10 exercises 20 reps).

    Maybe next week I will be daring and go up to 21 reps! out!

    I am telling you guys: SEE A GOOD CHIROPRACTER! My father in law used to be on the Houston Rockets staff and fixed guys like Barkley, Drexler, and Olajuwon. He showed me some stuff and I worked on my forearm and it feels way better today. Still some soreness from working on it, but not the same strain from resistance. I will work on it some more today so I can do bicep curls effectively tomorrow.


  5. Well, guys I have first hand experience on not exercising. After I had my operation and 3 weeks of staying in bed for the recovery close to 4 years ago, I guess I slipped into some sort of depression. I didn't have the will to do any physical activity. My body deteriorate and of course along with that weight gain and degradation of physical functionality. Yes, no fun at all.

    Well, that being said, we should never let ourselves get into a state of physical despair. Not only does it limit our abilities, it also affects us psychologically.

    So, lets do our best and forget the rest!

    Tai Chi Monkey Girl