Monday, October 6, 2008

P90X Day 30: Plyometrics

Day 30 is here and gone!

This is a nice milestone to reach in the P90X program. I am exactly 1/3 of the way there! 33.3%! 30 days down, 60 to go!

Today was good because I am now able to add 2 more servings of Carbs to my diet! The breakdown is no 40% protein, 40% Carbs, and 20% Fat. I started out with a protein shake with skim milk and a whole wheat english muffin (Yeah Carbs!). I got stuck in a surgical procedure today and missed my midmoring snack. I had a whole wheat turkey and lowfat cheese sandwich and some carrots for lunch, a protein bar and a cheese stick for midday snack, and chicken fajitas cooked in sesame ginger sauce (only 25 cals) with two low carb (4G) tortilla shells with cheese and fat free ranch dressing and a few apple slices for dessert!

The Plyo workout was as intense as ever. I had some SuperPump before to get me in the right state of mind and was able to really BRING IT! I missed not doing Plyo during Week 4 and I am glad it is back in the P90X rotation. It is by far the most exhausting, sweat inducing workout in the whole P90X set. It kicks my ass everytime, it is a good ass kicking though! I had two deliciously awesome P90x Recovery Drinks after my workout. I was really exhausted and I missed my morning snack so I needed the calories anyways (220 cals per serving).

On Thursday evening I am flying up to Mike's in Baltimore. A buddy is getting married and we are going to the bachelor party on Friday. We are planning on doing the Thursday workout in his basement that evening and then Kenpo early Friday morning. It should be fun to do the workouts with a buddy! The real test is going to be the diet. We are planning on drinking Vodka with sugar free Red Bull. Mike says that Red Bull is only like 10 calories. I am usually a beer drinker (even though I am not really missing it during the last 30 days!) and the last time Mike and I were together with Red Bull and Vodka was in Vegas and let's just say it got very, very ugly! Hopefully we will not have a repeat of Vegas!

Anyways, I am sure you are all wonder where the heck my 30 Day Pics are? Well, I am going to do a seperate 30 day recap post with the pics. For those of you who cannot wait they are posted on the BlogSpot Gadgets on the Right >>>>>

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  1. Looking good Jeff! Keep up the good work.