Monday, October 27, 2008

P90X Day 51: Core Synergistics

Man, I love this workout. I wish it was part of the regular rotation and not just utilized during the rest week! At one point towards the end you do these things called "Steamboats". Basically, you put your hands behind your neck and flare out your elbows. Then you bring your left knee up to your right elbow and the switch and you do this for 50 reps on each side (100 total). It isn't the hardest move ever but for some reason I literally sweat like crazy on this one .... ??

As for the nutrition part of the diet I am still in Phase Two of the program with the breakdown of 40% carbs/40% protein/20% fat based on 2500-2700 calories per day. I know it seems like a lot but it really adds up quickly if you do it right. For example: This morning I had a Whole Wheat English Muffin (120 cals) with Peanut Butter (2 teaspoons - 220 cals), 4 turkey sausage patties (240 cals) and a 8oz glass of skim milk (100 cals). Total calories - 680 for breakfast! I had a protein bar for both my midmorning and midday snack (an a banana) and a large turkey sandwich with lowfat mozzarella cheese on whole wheat toast. That was about another 1000 calories. I had a recovery drink after my workout (220 cals) and I am having lean beef kabobs with some veggies for dinner (800 cals). Total for the day: 2700 calories!

Tomorrow is my favorite Kenpo X workout and I am also just 8 days away from posting my 60 day pics! I am pretty happy with the results and I feel like my stomach and love handles have shown real improvement since the 30 day pics. I will have to BRING IT extra hard the next 8 days to make sure the pics look good! Until tomorrow....

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  1. Today is my Day 50 but, you are right to be thinking ahead to the next phase and Day 60. I think that the pictures coming up will make everyone push extra hard! As for me it is YOga X today. Hopefully I will do better on the half moons and crane(which i have managed to hold for between 15-20 seconds)Bring it!

  2. Oh yeah...I thought I would go ahead and let you guys know that I may have found something that would be a nice change of pace after p90x(I know that we are far from through the woods yet) but I also know that it is important to think ahead and be prepared. I was reading a few MSN health and fitness articles and I ran across this workout regimen called crossfit. It appears to essentially be muscle confusion. I believe that if we were to integrate these workouts with the X it would be beneficial. Now granted I only glanced at the website but it was an exciting find. I believe that the workouts are only around 20-25 minutes so it would be perfect to tack on in the morning instead of Cardio X or a little something extra on the weekend. Check out the site I have yet to decipher some of the lingo and what not but the Workout is in the center of the page and I would recomend reading the FAQ which I am currently about to reread to gain some insight on the whole program again...

  3. Core Synergistics is in the Lean program weekly. I am still struggling along with pushups, side hip raise and Dreya roll in this series.

    To gain is to struggle through one rep at a time.

    Tai Chi Monkey Girl

  4. I checked out the It seems like a pretty good program. Sort of similar to P90X actually -- good find there Matt!

    TCMG -- I didn't realize Core was part of the Lean program weekly. IMO, it is probably the 2nd best workout on P90X (plyo being #1). I wish it was in place of Yoga every week!!!