Friday, October 10, 2008

P90X Day 34: KENPO X

Greetings from Baltimore!

I am at Mike's house today. We just finished up the Kenpo workout and we Brought the hell out of IT!! It was cool having a workout partner for Kenpo.

Started out the morning taking a pre-workout stimulant drink called NaNo Vapor. It seemed to me to be the equivalent to injecting 3 cups of coffee directly into your veins! So, needless to say I was WIRED for the workout. I think it may be even more potent than the SuperPump 250 I usually take.

Then we jumped right into Kenpo and kicked the crap out of it. Kenpo is still my absolute favorite workout on the P90X. I works pretty much every muscle in your body while providing an extremely aggressive cardio workout. So you sweat and strain!

We are driving down to the Jersey Shore in about an hour and are staying at a beach house. Mike and I are bringing all the necessary P90X nutrition products to get through the weekend: Protein shakes, chicken, turkey, turkey jerky, protein bars, bottled water, wheat bread and muffins ...etc. We are ready to go.

I will be back in Houston Sunday evening to start week 6.

Tomorrow is Rest Day!

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  1. Way to stick with your workout while away Bro! It takes commitment, but is not that hard if you have made a decision to live a healthy lifestyle!

    We gotta plan our meals for San Antonio this week. What workouts do you have scheduled for Thur/Fri/Sat?