Tuesday, October 21, 2008

P90X Day 45: Back, Biceps, and AB Ripper X (At 2nd Base!)


Yep, that is right I just completed day 45! Thanks to you guys who have been reading and posting comments: Mike, Matt, Tai Chi Girlie, Ryan .... It has helped more than you know! I figured I will talk about today's workout and also mix in a little review of the last 45 days.

In honor of the half way point I decided to BRING IT as hard as I could. That means I tossed aside the red (30lb bands) and grabbed the black (50lb extreme) and Green (40lbs). My arms and shoulders are completely exhausted! I gave the pullup bar hell today and reached for the extra rep every time on the bicep curls and hammers. On the last set on the pullup bar when we choose the position and max out I decided to go with the wide-grip again and did 17 reps! In week one I was doing like 4 reps with the wide-grip! For the Supermans (that ho) this week I unintentionally added 32 lbs of weight in the form of a fat pug on my back. As soon as I flopped onto my stomach Ernie decided to jump on my back and lay down. He stayed for the entire exercise and actually made the move even harder -- I wish I had a camera at that moment -- the P90x Pug!

Then I moved onto ABX and kicked the shit out of it today. I got through the fifer scissors again and even did the extras on the mason twists! Mike and I were talking today and he said he felt the key to doing the fifer scissors was to remember to breath. And you know what? He was right, I focused on inhaling and exhaling and made it through again. So, if you are struggling with the fifer focus on breathing. Sounds simple because it is!

Also had a good nutrition day again. Shake, bar, Wheat chicken sandwich, bar, recovery drink, and cooking chicken stir fry with veggies as I type.

Now for the review part. I was up early again today and decided to weight myself. Even though I wanted to wait until Day 60 I figured what the heck. Well, my weight was 171 lbs. Down 10 lbs from day 1. I really do not want to get much lower than 170lbs so I might have to start adding a few more carbs to the diet a little earlier than Phase Three - which begins in a week and a half - because at this rate I am going to be down in the 160s and I have not been that light since I was 15 years old!

Even more amazing to me than the weight loss is how my clothes are fitting or should I say no longer fitting! When I started this a good amount of my wardrobe was no longer comfortable for me to wear because of my fat stomach. Well, now I am tightening up my belt on a lot of my pants and swimming in some of my dress shirts. When this is over I may have to go buy a bunch of new clothes.

I am addicted to doing this workout on a daily basis. I am amazed at the transformation my body has gone though in such a short period of time. If you are reading this and thinking about whether or not you should do P90X my advice would be to do it. BUT only if you can stay committed to the nutrition and daily workouts. I have read other blogs where the writers have talked about drinking tons of beer/soda, eating shitty food, and skipping workouts. And it shows in their pictures. You have to make P90X a part of you lifestyle and it has to become a habit. This program was designed to be followed to the letter and if you want to just do a workout here and there then P90X is not for you. That is my review and I will now stop being preachy - sorry!

Tomorrow is my least favorite day of the week: YOGA DAY! I might get up real early like Matt and Ryan to just get it out of the way.

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  1. Congratulations, on making half way through. I know that I am looking forward to that day tommorrow! But for today plyo is on my plate! It is always the one that I hate but I love. Or like Tony says this is my personal favorite ahahah. Anyhow things are coming along here in NC. I haven't really seen much more weight lose but my midsection is reconfiguring itself slowly but surely. Hope that Yoga isn't an hour and a half long today or anything.....oh wait it always is....ahahh Well I seem to be in a pretty good mood today! Hopefully the cheer will spread....Have a great day Jeff

  2. I guess you don't think that day 45 is like a hump day, as is Wednesday for the work week? So, it doesn't get easier as we move toward the finish line? It's got to be somewhat easier psychologically, NO? There will probably be some self motivation manifested within once subconscious mind.

    Keep going Jeff, it's all down hill from here. ;-)

    Tai Chi Monkey Girl

  3. Thanks Matt - Good luck with plyo today and bring the heck out of it!

    TCMG - I guess it could be like hump day! I like that better! It is now a countdown instead of a count up! Very nice ....