Tuesday, October 7, 2008

P90X Day 31: Back & Biceps - Ab Ripper X


New workout today: Back and Biceps!

My arms are so tired I am having trouble typing right now! Pull-up, curl, curl, Pull-up, curl, curl ..... This was pretty much the entire workout for 24 exercises. Of course, no two exercises are the same and Tony throws variation after variation at you. The "corn cob chin ups" were crazy and the "towel pull ups" were just nuts too! I ended up using a combination of the green and red resistance bands for the entire workout. It is always hard when you start a new one to know what type of weight to use until you get started. I think next time I will use the black bands on lawnmowers and some of the static curls. Overall this workout wasn't as sweat inducing as some of the others but it isolated extremely well on the Back and Biceps so it lived up to its title.

AB Ripper X today was not my best effort, but it was also not my worst either. I almost died on the "fifer scissors" again today. On about rep 15 I actually felt vomit coming up my throat, same thing on the "heels to the heavens". I realized today that a good nights sleep is absolutely essential to having awesome workouts (I slept maybe 2 hours last night). And I also realized that too much water before a workout can be detrimental to performance (aka, throwing up in my own mouth). Lessons learned!

I followed the nutrition plan again today and am happy to report that after 31 Days I haven't had any major slip ups on the diet. Breakfast, Mid Morning Snack, Lunch, Midday Snack, Dinner. Five meals, about 2700 calories about 40% Protein, 40% Carbs, 20% Fat! I am very pleased with how this aspect of P90X has been working out for me. Coming into the program I honestly thought that this was going to be impossible to follow - especially with the varying schedule of my job. But, it has not been that difficult. I grocery shop for each week and I pack a cooler in the car each day! Good Times!

Tomorrow is the always challenging Yoga X! I picked up a Yoga block and I hope it will help me out with my form. Until tomorrow....

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  1. -Jeff
    The day 30 pics are up! Here is the link what do you think? http://forums.teambeachbody.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc/f/5082996357/m/1781026241/p/6


  2. Matt,

    I couldn't get that link to work ...could you double check it is right?

    Thanks, Jeff

  3. -Jeff
    I just copied and pasted it......it seemed to work fine for me. If that doesn't work it is on the message boards just click message boards then click P90X then got to the Forum: Single Xers....My post is on page 6 my username is XXMickDaddyXX