Monday, November 3, 2008


Plyo Day! Better know as "The Beast" according to Tony! And he is right. Plyo kicks the crap out of me every Monday, but the weird thing is I actually look forward to it.

I can't really say that I have trouble with one particular move anymore on Plyo but as a whole this is by far the hardest P90X DVD to complete. It is none stop squats, lunges and jumps. I sweat more during Plyo than any other workout and probably burn more calories here also!

My diet today was about a 3.5 out of 5. For breakfast I had 3 whole wheat waffles with a banana. My mid-morning snack was a South Beach Diet bar -- which tastes awesome. I liked the protein bars I was eating during phase one and two but I LOVE these SBD bars!!! For lunch I had a chef (turkey, chicken and ham) salad with fat free ranch. Then I missed my midday snack because I was on the phone with the piece of shit DirecTV customer service. I won't bore you with this story but just know I hate them. But, due to my rage I lost track of time so I missed the snack. The good news is my wife Annie made the Apple pork dish in the P90X nutrition guide for dinner and it was excellent. So, I had that and some carrots and celery for Dinner. I only got in about 2300 calories today - which sucks because I needed more for the Plyo workout. But I do have a ton of energy since complex carbs have been increased in my diet and my workouts have been very intense due to this also.

After my workout I took the Anabolic Halo recovery drink again. I did the recommended three scoops today and it still tastes sort of bad!

Tomorrow is the Shoulders & Arms workout. I haven't done this one since Week 3 and if I remember correctly it is a tough one!

My left shoulder is still a little sore after yesterdays workout. The rest week helped heal it up a little but it is still nagging me. I have been putting the Tiger Balm on right before I workout and this seems to really help, but it aches pretty bad after the workouts. Oh well, I am not quiting ... I don't think it is a tear just a strain so it can heal up when I am done in 31 days!

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  1. As far as the SBD bars go you should check out the Kashi granola bars too. I have been using those and some Natures Valley ones to supplement in more carbs. I think after doing a little manipulation my Calories will down to around 2750. Since I was aiming at 2500 before the cardio X in the morning this 250 calorie increase should be enough to push me a little bit further.

  2. What is the carb count on the Kashi and Natures Valley bars .. the SBD are 26G. However, they are a little pricey. I think $8 for a box of 6!

  3. 19G carbs w/ 7 pr. It is a nice change of pace. Really, they just taste awesome......their on the expensive side too, but I went ahead and got some at Costco so they weren't too bad